Tomb of William Jeffreys

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I visited “Jeffreys Rock” in the early 60’s when I was a kid. From the pics here, it has really deteriorated a lot since then.

On the back side of the boulder, there were two side-by-side “footprints” carved into the rock; one male and one female, one pointing up, the other pointing down. No idea if that was supposed to have a meaning related to Mr. Jeffreys, or if they were simply cuts made to help with preparing the stone for use. But with a few “supernatural” embellishments, they certainly fueled the ghost stories that we were told growing up.

The “grave house,” next to the boulder in the pics was called “Tommie’s House.” The story related to me by my mom was that the family had the house built over the grave out of grief, and it was furnished like a really nice bedroom, even decorated every Christmas. I can say that when I saw it as a kid, it was already looking abandoned, and all I witnessed in the house was the grave with a chair positioned next to it.