Top cities/countries by number of entries

Just curious if there is a way to categorize cities and countries as suggested below:

Even if it is not an official “leaderboard” per se, I think it might be possible in the same way all the AO entries can be organized by most/least visited/"want to go"s:

I just have no idea how to do that myself.

@Igdaloff, since you were the one who came up with the links above originally, is this something that can be done?

Hey @linkogecko, at the moment, we don’t have a section of our site that shows all of our cities listed by # of entries. Just curious, how would you use that functionality?

So my suggestion in the original post I quoted was that maybe the “Top Cities/Countries” section in the homepage could be rearranged by number of entries rather than the current selection.

If AO prefers to keep these as is, I’d still be interested in a list by “most entries”, like the current leaderboards for users, out of sheer curiosity.

Ah, I see. The current listing is based on the cities and countries we feel that our audience would be most interested in. Sorting by the number of entries isn’t always going to reflect interest for our wider audience.

I can DM you a list of our top destinations based on entries. We don’t have a page for it on our site, unfortunately.

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I’d also be interested in that list! :slight_smile: