Torre Argentina (Roman Cat Sanctuary)

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When I was in Rome, the Colosseum was home to hundreds of feral cats. I’ve no idea if it is still true.

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I’m not sure about the Colosseum these days. I last visited in December and during the time I lived there for three months last year I passed it every single night except for one. I don’t recall seeing any stray cats but, then again, they may have been doing their best to keep out of sight and away from all the tourists!

Torre Argentina, though, remains a good place to see cats. The special cat sanctuary is in the far corner of the ruins, on the corner of Via di Torre Argentina and Via Florida and pointing towards Via Arenula.

Cats and the haunting presence of murdered Caesar altogether make it a very cool site… :smiley:


The public should also be aware that there are also young, healthy, friendly cats that are available for adoption. For cats that will live out their lives at the sanctuary there is a program called “Distance Adoption” where a person can financially sponsor a cat that remains at the shelter. It’s not only a wonderful way to support the sanctuary and their work but it gives you the opportunity to create a link with the fabulous city of Rome and to have a bond with a beautiful, living, breathing creature that needs your help.

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