Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

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MY grand mother worked there. Born before the turn of the century she had many strange habits. She lived with us for years after retiring. In her 60s she attempted to care for us “HEATHENS” as she shouted many times. My mom was gone working and dad in Germany so she was stuck with us all day long weeks on end. It was easy to slop some oatmeal in a bowl with nothing else but a drink of water very early in the morning and push the 3 of us older ones out in the heat of the desert in Tucson. My youngest sister about 5 was fed candy and stayed in the cool house watching tv laying in bed with Granny while my sister 10 brother 8 and myself 6 drank water from a scalding hot hose and had the shade of a carport for up to 12 hours. No food or comfort were provided, just hot water. You had to be very calloused to see and do what was the norm back then but to mistreat your own grand children, well 3 of us. She would tell stories of what the would do to people if they did not do exactly as told. I remember getting sick hearing what they did. You must understand the employees did not consider them as human. My youngest sister was a pet. She never mentioned names only descriptions. The tubs and shock therapy stick in my mind, things you would not believe. Some in there were genius but. that was in the early to mid 60s. Sorry bad experience.