"Travel the World With 11 of Our Favorite Far-Flung TV Shows" Discussion Thread

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One of my favorite travel shows is on YouTube. Hosted by Evan Hadfield, son of the noted Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, it sees the host visiting locations such as the Balkans, Okinawa and Somaliland and looks into local histories, drawing conclusions on the human condition from these.

This particular chef’s Easter Island eatery is a perfect fit for Gastro Obscura, for example:

As is this look into Okinawa’s magical vegetable:

Lots of little-known attractions too:

Maybe not for everybody as the guy often comes off as preachy and, in the words of my wife, his voice is a bit annoying (her actual words are more like: I just can’t stand it), but quite rewarding if you stick with it.


So how much did Netflix pay you to tout all those shows???

Working our way through this list. We had already watched “3%” and “Dark”. Finished “Babylon Berlin” yesterday. Starting “Typewriter” today. All have been fantastic!