Travel to Haiti despite the advisories 2019

Searching for information regarding travel to Haiti is pretty insanely depressing. I have no doubt that the dangers are real, but it seems rather inflated and pompous to further deprive the country of essential resources, especially in the tourism sector by scaring people away with all this. Does anyone have any particular insight into travel to Haiti and the best way to go about it? I would be a single female traveler with one friend who lives in Jacmel.


Curious - what dangers have been mentioned?

I know this hasn’t been updated in a while but out of curiosity I also checked online. The US currently has Haiti on Level 3 - Reconsider Travel, one level down since April this year. It didn’t really say when the update was made. As for Canada, it was updated just a few days ago (July 8) to remove warnings on demonstrations. I haven’t been myself but I suppose it’s better to put the trip off in the meantime if you’re going alone - here (How Safe Is Haiti for Travel? (2019 Updated) ⋆ Travel Safe - Abroad) it warns women not to travel unaccompanied especially after dark. Not sure when this was last updated though.

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I’ll recommend you to read these 2 articles:
Is it really safe to travel in Haiti?
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I believe they’ll give you a more nuanced view of the current situation here in Haiti.

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Thank you for posting these!