Traveling from Barcelona to Madrid

What is the best way to get to Madrid from Barcelona?

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I always traveled by rail when I was in Spain. Economical and pretty fast.


Hi @gizaspacebureau, I agree with La Belle. The above ground train system, el Renfe, is one of the best ways to see Spain. That or driving if you feel up to it. If you wish to fly, Vueling airline is cheap and reliable. A train ticket will run you about 65 euros depending.


It’s a lovely trip by train. Fast and comfortable too.

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You can call me Gigi :wink:


One word , Renfe

Airports are often a lot of hastle in Spain and the train journeys offer excellent views of the rolling Spanish countryside


Hello! The best option to go to Madrid from Barcelona in my opinion is with a multi-day or day trip because it is comfortable and usually guided.