Traveling to Greece for an Adventure! Ελληνική Δημοκρατία!

I can’t wait to explore Greece (officially titled the Hellenic Republic or Ελληνική Δημοκρατία)! There are so many things to do and see! Is there anything people recommend? We have received a lot of advice and would love some more!

We were told to fly into Athens and explore the historic sites before heading next to Delphi or Olympia and then go to the other. After that, we were told it would be best to check out Santorini (even though it will be packed, the sunsets in Io are supposed to be a must) or Mikonos before going to a less populated island, such as Folegandros (Agkali Bay) or Sifnos (Vathi Beach). The Margarita Blue Sand Hotel has come up a couple of times.

There are so many fun facts floating around about Greece, not only of historical relevance, but for modern day purposes as well! Greece, the home of the loggerhead turtle and over 4,000 traditional dances! I don’t know how true the later is, but it sounds amazing! It’s also illegal not to vote! So many little tidbits to learn. Is it true that it’s an insult to wave with an open palm?

I would love to learn about the different neighborhoods and where would be nice to stay for cultural submersion. Jumping into the fray always sounds like a wonderful idea to learn the most about a new place.

I would love to hear about favorite, off the beaten path adventures to check out! Food fun is always a must, of course!

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Athens is nice for a few days, but then I’d venture out into Greece itself. If you’re driving, I’d suggest heading up to Kalambaka first from where you can visit the monasteries at Meteora. From there you could head down to Delphi - amazing place. Then there’s a ferry across to the peninsula and on to Olympia, Nafplion, Mycenae, Corinth… the list is long.

And definitely head to see some of the islands. Yes Santorini is wonderful, but there are quite a few ‘off the beaten path’ islands as well that are a little more authentic. We had a great time on Sifnos about 20 years ago but things change so I’m not sure whether it’s as it was.

Regardless, there’s plenty of options and you’ll have a great time.

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I’ve been to Greece a number of times and have family there.

In Athens, the Plaka, Psirri, Monastiriki and Koukaki neighborhoods surround the Parthenon–explore. Do not miss the Parthenon Museum! In Psirri, eat at Nikita’s.

For an easy island visit, consider Hydra and Sepses–both beautiful and within easy ferry ride of Athens.


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Folegandros is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. The Polikandia Hotel is simple but lovely, and well-situated.

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The problem with Greece is that it is probably the only country in the world that has such a big variety in Landscapes, food, cultural elements, history, music, and I can keep going on. The thing is this: Whatever you are looking for exists in Greece, all you need is to find it by knowing were to look.
There is much more about this country than the average touristic places advertised. Seek and you will find!! (Or ask someone that knows)

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Any personal favorite unknown places or foods you’d wanna share?

Seconding this recommendation to visit Hydra. One of the most beautiful islands I have ever visited and much less crowded/touristy than the likes of Santorini or Mykonos. There are no land vehicles and no street names on the island, so you have no choice but to explore!


The place Were I live the last 10 years, called Zagori, Northwest Greece above 1000m altitude, also a national park. Local food based on sheep and goat, all local, pies with spinach, etc
Basically any remote area with little or no tourism is interesting in Greece.


Hey So nice you are asking hints about Greece… cause I got the best!

  1. First of all use this platform in order to check routes (Ferry Tickets Online, Ferry Routes and Schedules | Let's Ferry)
  2. click on destinations and you 'll see all islands.
  3. my favorite is Ikaria! I love it!! I wish I had a family house there so I could go 2 - 3 times per year …
  4. the food is good every where… (it’s in their culture to be a little bit late at service but you ;ll get used to it)
  5. the beaches are amazing and so different one to another
  6. if you don’t have transportation, locals and tourists will respond to your auto- stop
  7. It;s a little bit alternative but this place has all the beauty. It’s dry but it’s also green, there are big rocky mountains also rivers and waterfalls, people will treat you like a family member, not expensive… and last but no least
  8. It’s a little bit alone in the Aegean so there is not light pollution so the nights you can enjoy a full of stars sky
  9. If you visit Ikaria during summer you will join big “Festivals” with fresh meat and red wine… the most well-known of them all is the on that is celebrated in August 15 at “Lagada” search for videos and you’ll understand… it might look a little chaotic but its the best experience ever!
    If you dicide to go… I d like to hear your feedback
    See you! :wink:

Last year I spent 2 weeks on a motorcycle travelling around Lesbos. Fantastic trip due to great weather, cheap rooms (this was in September and beach front hotels were all under $50 including breakfast), uncrowded historical sites and roads. Then I did the same for 3 wks in Crete which was also fantastic but the whole north coast was crowded with tourists. The east and south coasts were like Lesbos. Then spent 3 weeks touring Athens, Dephi, Corinth and the Peleponessian area with my daughter who came on a mc to tour with me. Awesome trip, awesome country.

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I am of Greek origin myself, so don’t really know where to start from…

Here’s a short list:

  • Athens - skip the tourist traps and visit neighbourhoods like Petralona and Metaxourgeio

  • Nearby beaches: Mavro Lithari highly recommended, bit far but it’s worth it

  • Islands in the Aegean Sea: I would recommend any of the Lesser Cyclades, so Koufonisia, Donousa, Schinousa - all small, beautiful and popular among young Greeks. For a cruise I would recommend a boat rental in Greece from platforms such as Click&Boat or Incrediblue, I rent one last year with a skipper but if you have a boating qualification you don’t need one

  • Dilos also a great place to visit if you plan to visit Mykonos

  • Ionian Islands - the island of Meganisi close to Lefkada is idyllic and tranquil

  • Thessaloniki - visit the old town around the city’s fortifications for a great overview of the city

The Peloponnese is also great to explore in the summer (maybe too hot though), check places like Mani (not very touristic but superbly beautiful), Epidavrous (home to an ancient Greek theatre) and Kalamata or Pilos.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Greece!


Real Greek salads are the best! If you make it to Crete you can try the Cretan salads which are a bit different to the usual Greek salads, but just as delicious :smiley: You should visit Ouranoupolis! I`m such a big fan of roadtrips, and Ouranoupolis is so high on my travel list! From now on I will only use pre-booked Ouranoupolis Taxi Transfer when in Greece. I suggest other travelers do the same.

Dreaming of a long holiday in Greece right now which might only be possible next year … Would you suggest staying in one place for 3 months as we were planning to do or travelling around to get the best experience of Greek life ?


There are a lot of beautiful places to visit in Greece, and one of my friends suggested to visit “The Island of Santorini”. You can try it out.

All the best.