Traveling to Lisbon & Porto


I will be traveling to Lisbon this week
Any great tips Re food sights or avoids!
Also anybody find and good vegan restaurants?
Thank u!!

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Hello! So exciting that you’ll be in Lisbon this week!
If you’re interested in food experiences, I would enthusiastically recommend signing up for a Culinary Walk with our friends at Culinary Backstreets. They have three different tours, which you can check out here. CB are our partners for upcoming AO culinary trips to Lisbon, and they have all kinds of insider info and insight on food communities and local specialties. They’d probably also be able to recommend good vegan spots!

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Hello @rnh! I spent a few days in Lisbon during the 2015 holidays. A few recommendations from my visit:

I found the Electricity Museum to be both fascinating and under-touristed. It and the Santa Justa Lift would be my picks for best Atlas Obscura attractions, especially if you’re into turn-of-the-century technology:

The Time Out Market is a top pick for both shopping and food:

Other shopping highlights are this tiny glove store:

And A Vida Portuguesa for beautiful, local goods:

More on the “meh” and avoid side for me is the Tuesday and Saturday flea marketMercado de Santa Clara.

Have a great trip!


thanks so much for the great information!!!

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thanks! i tried to book a tour but was having technical problems! i wrote them an email and we will see what happens!! so many thanks! we are excited and love the support of AO!
let you know what we find too!!!

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A couple of good vegetarian / vegan restaurants in Lisbon are:
Terra: They do a really good buffet (and make sure the wine they serve is vegetarian)

Jardim das Cherias: This one is much more of a hole in the wall type of restaurant but they have good food

Not that it will hard to find while you are in Lisbon but I sugest at least trying a Pastel de nata


Museums I suggest checking out are the National coach Museum

and the Maritime Museum

It is also worth checking out The Church of Saint Anthony of Lisbon

and the Moorish Castle


I love Lisbon, @rnh! I lived in Madrid for about a year and half beginning in 2008 and traveled there a handful of times. My partner and I are actually returning in June and July this year along a road trip through southern Portugal and Spain.

Beyond Lisbon’s general cafe culture, my fondest memories are actually of Estoril and Caiscais, two towns about a thirty minute drive west of the city. Estoril, had Europe’s largest casino, at the time. It was fun and kitschy and inspired Casino Royale of James Bond fame.

Caiscais had lovely beaches that were, at the time, mostly empty.,+Portugal/

In Lisbon proper, Torre de Belém is one of the most popular tourist attractions but, much like the Embarcadero in San Francisco, it’s actually quite a lovely walk and there’s an aerial cable car that offers really beautiful views.

I’m excited to hear what you find! I’m sure the city has changed quite a lot in the last 10 years.


Thanks to all for suggestins!!
I already need to return to do it all!!!


We really enjoyed the National Tile Museum in Portugal.


Second the recommendation about the Electricity Museum and there is also a Waterworks Museum that is fascinating. A Vida Portuguesa is also great.


Might want to check my photos from the recent trip.
Let me know if more details.
Kind regards, Giedrius


dear my wonderful atlas community!!!
thank you for all your suggestions!!! we incorporated them into our trip and had the best time!
of course we want to return and visit what we missed and more!! we took a “backstreet walking tour” and would totally recommend that for anybody going - either to lisbon (or they do other cities as well!!) it was delicious and fun and informative!!! we had incredible weather - travelled north as well - and just got a great sense of the country! it is wonderful, affordable for tourists and freindly and welcoming! i would totally recommend it to all!! thanks for everything! on to planning my next adventure!!!


Address numbering in Lisboa threw us off: if a place is listed as “22 2 Avenida Da Liberdade” it will not be found in the two hundred block, nor is it a typo. That separate 2 at the end is the floor number at 22 Avenida Da Liberdade, and you will have three flights of stairs to climb, usually, to get there.

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