Tulum's Cenotes

Hey! Has anyone been to Tulum, Quintana Roo? The city is known for its beautiful cenotes (massive, natural swimming holes). Tulum has several, but I wonder which one is the best. When I went, I swam in the Gran Cenote, but I heard good things about Dos Ojos too. Lmk!


I don’t think I have a sense of which is the best, but I’ve scuba dived a few—including Dos Ojos. Totally amazing, but terrifying. Gran Cenote is nice, but check out Cenotes Labnaha, and also X’kenken Cenote. It’s not in Tulum at all, but on the way if you’re taking a day trip to Chichen Itza.


When cave divers make the connection between one system and another, the larger of the two retains the name. Dos Ojos used to be Dos Ojos system and Nahoch Na Chich system, but when they made the connection, it was called Dos Ojos. But now it is called Systema Sac Actun because Dos Ojos was connected to the larger system. The cenotes are merely where the cave opens to the surface. In the mid 90s when I was active in the Quintana Roo cave diving, near Tulum. We would just bounce around underwater/underground from one cenote to another. I posted a map of the known System of Sac Actun from back then that shows multiple openings to the surface. Sac Actun is about 10 times that size now with all of the connections. I remember Gran Cenote, that you spoke of, as well as Carwash, Temple of Doom, Mayan Blue, Naciamento, Taj Mahal, Pondarosa, etc. If interested, I posted a map from the late 90s of (little) Sac Actun in the thread on this forum about favorite caves.