Tupelo Honey

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It should be noted that the honey from the white gum tree is the tupelo mentioned in this article. It comes from no other place than around the eastern part of Florida’s panhandle.

Black gum tree also produce honey, although not nearly as good as the white is produced elsewhere.

Florida has a certification program for the best of the best of white tupelo. It is analyzed chemically and microscopically to ensure purity.

Yes, the good stuff is well worth the cost.

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I’ve bought honey from Mr. Lanier for many years. He knows his business, emptying and cleaning his hives before the Tupelo Gum trees flower. He may even remember me because he always “corrects” my pronunciation of his name. He says La-neer, but in Louisiana- or France, he would be Lahn-yay.
Tupelo honey is light and has a distinct light floral taste. It’s quite nice though I actually prefer a more robust wild honey. A friend made some mighty nice mead from it once.