Turisalu Missile Hangar

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The gps co-ordinates provided here (59.393, 24.3168) seem to be different from the one on google maps. As per google maps the gps coordinates are 59.41156, 24.31823. They are a full 4 km apart. I haven’t been here but was researching on places to visit when I am in Estonia. Could someone who has visited please confirm. We will be coming with our car

This whole area is a former Soviet military territory. There are number of such hangars around actually. Plus some other old abandoned military buildings. I visited the site quite some years ago, don’t know how much of it is still standing. The access with car to the territory is most probably restricted. You may need to leave the car behind a fence and wander this 4 km perimeter by foot. Can be quite an apocalyptic trip.

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