Turkish Delight Article

I very much enjoyed today’s Turkish Delight article. I think I envisioned it as a chewy, chocolatey, toffee-ish sort of candy when I read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. As an adult, I tried the Cadbury chocolate bar filled with Turkish Delight and was surprised, but I do like the stuff when I eat it occasionally. If any of you are familiar with Aplets and Cotlets, it’s a similar texture. I grew up on those in California.

I wanted to offer a correction to one of the picture captions. Mallory Ortberg underwent transition and is now known as Daniel Lavery.


I couldn’t tell from your response if you’ve ever actually had real Turkish Delight not in a chocolate bar. If not, I highly encourage you to try some. I love it, as does my whole family. I don’t know about where you live but in Salt Lake City there is a store that sells a lot of imported food goods and bills itself as a “gourmet market” so you might be able to find it if you have someplace similar.

Hey @elendilpickle thanks a bunch for the update. I have passed this along to the editorial team. Thanks again

You’re welcome, Jonathan!

Johnandmaranda, I’m in New Mexico, which is where I found the Turkish Delight-filled chocolate bar. We have several Middle Eastern grocery stores in town, but I have yet to try regular Turkish Delight.

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Of course, CS Lewis was referring to “locum” which is best made by Armenians – Aplets & Cotlets in washington state in fact!

@bgreele I’m looking now to see if I can buy Aplets and Cotlets in New Mexico!