Unforgettable Local Ads

Anyone who grew up in the DC metro area in the 80s will remember the Jhoon Rhee ad and that damn jingle:

Still find myself singing it, or quoting the irritating kid at the end.


Oklahomans everywhere know that the Christmas season has really begun when they hear/see this ad.

Just start singing it in Oklahoma. I promise people will sing along.

LOL I know the feeling! Ha ha

Eastern Motors was a classic

Everyone who grew up in the Augusta, Georgia area in the 80s is forever haunted by the Master Fabricators jingle with the monkey riding in one of those quarter machine cars. “You’ll always get the shaft – the drive shaft – at Master Fabricators!”


New Orleans has a million of these. The first that comes to mind is the Rosenberg’s girl. Say “Rosenberg’s” to anyone in New Orleans over 40 and they will immediately shout “1825 Tulane.” Unfortunately, as we say in New Orleans it “ain’t dere no more.”

Another great furniture was the Universal Chairman.

And possibly the best was the Frankie and Johnny’s “special man.”
“Let her have it.” “With no problems.”

The Pacific Northwest in the 1980s had Cal Worthington.

Huh, weird. He’s apparently from Long Beach, CA. But we got these in Seattle.


I lived n Stockholm in the late 1960s and there was a billboard inside the subway train car. It featured a girl, bare to the waist (not an issue in Sweden), with a huge bruise from her shoulder to her waist. The caption read…“I was wearing my seatbelt and I am alive.”


This is a Baltimore classic. The tagline is “Don’t urinate on my leg and tell me it’s raining!”


Indeed. I still hear, to the tune of “Happy and You Know It”:

If you want a car or truck, go see Cal,
If you want to save a buck, go see Cal,
Give a new car to your wife,
She will love you all your life,
Go see Cal, Go see Cal, Go see Cal.


New Yorkers will no doubt remember the Fugazy Continental limousine company, which was so successful at one point that it got Bob Hope to do the voiceover for its ads:

After the company imploded amidst fraud allegations, its name became a local slang term for anything scammy or fraudulent.


Barry R Glazer Law Office is Baltimore legend! He should be an elected official!!
Scott Donahoo of Foreign Motors is gone (I guess…who really knows…but his spots were simply obnoxious and over the top, too) He is/was almost as good at Barry Glazer!

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does anyone remember Crazy Eddie in New York City? He was loud and obnoxious and he sold more good that anyone else … his ads really made him sales and he was a subject in classes at NYU.


When I lived in Memphis, TN. about 25 years ago, a commercial ad which was to be seen locally during the Superbowl ended up inadvertently, I’m sure, going national during THAT day!
It was a simple commercial utilizing hilarious stereotypical moving men who literally, move in practically when they should be working and in the best country way, while a mover is in front of the TV, drinking and snacking, he asks," Hey, Lady! You got any more of them delicious little finger cakes?"

The actual company was advertised in their first ad ever via Super Bowl. They touted the name “Two Men and a Truck!” They shut down the next day due to overwhelming response nationwide. I do not know if they are the same company that uses it’s name today but between the ad and the story, it spiralled out of control and has caused a lot of laughter in our home since!


This is AMAZING.

Please fact check for me as I am" over 50!"

YES. I can’t think of a more representative Victoria, BC example.
“I won’t be undersold!”


Oh wow! I’ve always wondered where that word came from!

So many good local STL commercials.
How about Schweig Engel?

Best STL commercials ever Steve Mizerany - Steve Mizerany, one of the 'decent boys,' dies at 87
I also got to help the Lampert Brothers make their first TV commercials when I sold auto parts for them.