Unforgettable Local Ads

I grew up in southern California and, of course, thought Cal and his dog Spot was local. Turned out that he was all over the place - I even saw a commercial for one of his dealerships in Anchorage, AK in, I think, 1977.

If “all politics is local,” so was Cal Worthington.

An as far as billboards are concerned, when Forest Lawn mortuary opened in Covina Hills (east of Los Angeles), there was at least one billboard showing a couple in the front seat of a car, her arm around him, and the caption: “Caution, Freeway Lovers.” Now 50 years later, I still think that caption when I see folks in that position in cars on the road.

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Oh man, I’d totally forgotten about this commercial. The memories have come flooding back…!

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Also: how did they manage to get the phone number USA-1000?

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I grew up in Maryland, but I remember Crazy Eddie becoming a national figure when David Letterman (I think?) aired his ads, or maybe SNL did a parody of him, something like that.

He was one of the first of the kind … he was loud, obnoxious and people hated him and he sold more things than anyone in the city - advert. classes used him as an example of what works.

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Atlas Obscura’s HQ is in Brooklyn and no one’s mentioned Roll ‘n’ Roaster? I always show people this ad whenever I’m trying to convince them why it’s the greatest trash food temple:

They sell roast beef sandwiches, creamed corn fritters and champagne, yo.


haha I’ve never heard of this!

In Toronto, Ontario Canada we have at least 2 that everyone must know:
Mel Lastman’s Bad Boy furniture - He was the mayor of the city at one point!

and Oliver Jewellry “Cash for Gold” Campaign:


This attempt to encourage purchase of Crape Myrtles in order to beautify the city caused quite the uproar in 1997 Abilene, Texas.


Those nachos at the end are an insult to nachos and cheese and food.

The Villager Tavern is a popular long time dive bar. The owner newly starting up took out advertisements on local bus benches letting folks know where they could get Poboy sandwiches, the sign was similar to this poster. Someone complained about that last line and all the bench signs were removed :frowning:



The Dick Poe commercials in El Paso, Texas in the 80’s and 90’s are unforgettable for us in the borderland.

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Oops! I meant the Northwest!

You’re not kidding. Saw the article and I was absolutely going to add this one. I’m freaking humming it right now and I haven’t watched local television or listened to local radio in over a decade.

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Federated - Los Angeles 1980s. Shadoe Stevens and crew made over 1000 commercials in a few years, fueled mostly by cocaine.


This is amazing!

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From the suburbs of Cincinnati, OH.

Holiday Homes has some great ones but I still find my brain pulling this from nowhere. The owner did many of his own commercials.

Surf Cincinnati (long closed) with a great jingle…

I could probably post a hundred of these but the cheesy Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall Kroger commercials are hard to forget. Marty and Joe were the Radio voices of the Cincinnati Reds for a long time. Joe has since passed and Marty announced 2019 would be his final season.

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These are incredible!

This guy in Florida does 30 minute shows with this crazy stuff.

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This is… a lot.