Unforgettable Marriage Proposals and the Ordinary Places Where They Happened

Tell us about the most obscure, romantic or creative marriage proposal and where it occurred. Our proposal was on the ferry ride across to visit the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island. We boarded the ferry on Memorial Day packed with several thousand people onboard. It was very crowded so I suggested to my girlfriend, now my wife, that she wait below and that I’ll go and see if there was any room to sit down up above.

I walked up to the bridge and asked the Captain if I could use the onboard loudspeaker/ mic. to propose. I said, I had requested permission via a fax that I had sent several weeks in advance. The Captain, radioed back to operations asking if they had seen such a fax. Of course they didn’t have one but stated, you’re the Captain, it’s up to you! The Captain looked at me and said, “if you want to make an ass of yourself in front of thousands of people, I’ll help you, so standby.” As he approached the Statue of Liberty, he slowed the engines so that you could hear a pin drop and then announced, will Elizabeth… please standby for a message. She immediately thought that I was lost on the boat… Then her heart began to race as I began to speak. My message was quite simple as I said, "a few years ago, I met my best friend. We had a Harry met Sally type of relationship, we were friends first. About a year ago, we began dating and it has been the best year of my life. Elizabeth, I want to spend Forever and a Day with you, will you marry me? The crowd clapped and as I went to find her below, they all asked, what did she say, what did she say. Of course, I didn’t know since I was in the bridge and she was below deck. Well she said yes and the rest is history. We’ve been married for more than 20 years now.


I proposed in a boat, on Crater Lake.
There’s significantly more story on the website we made for the wedding. :slight_smile:


About 3 years into the relationship with my ex-girlfriend I had her ring and was planning on giving it to her on a trip we were taking on a Saturday. Friday night we were at her neighbor’s house playing cards and having beers at their dinner table when in the course of normal conversation the phrase “Oh yeah… where’s my ring?” came jokingly out of her mouth. I happened to have the ring box in my pocket at the time, and there was NO way I was passing up that opportunity.

I pulled the box out of my pocket, smacked it on the table and said “here”.

2/10 romance
7/10 spontaneity
1/10 ambiance
10/10 WTFF just happened? (first “F” = flying)
8/10 Things that make your neighbors go “hmm”
6/10 never getting around to getting married but getting another 5 years in anyhow

Our neighbor got a great picture of my looking at the ring box and shrugging and her laughing with mouth agape.

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My ex-husband (now deceased) was Viennese. He was in NY on a Fulbright scholarship at NYU. He played ski instructor on weekends and that’s how we met. We had been dating for not quite a year. We were on East 53rd St on our way to the subway, when he suddenly stopped, said wait here, I’ll be right back. So I waited and he did come right back. He had one hand behind his back, looked at me quite seriously, said he needed to ask me a question and I needed to think about it before I answered. So right there, in the middle of a very busy day in the middle of 53rd St., between Lexington and Third Avenues, he proposed! I did say yes! In 1963 I relocated to Vienna, we married in 1964. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last, but we did have 3 great kids and I learned a new language, a new culture and broadened my horizons. We remained friends.


My boyfriend, who was a few years younger than me, was finishing his last year of college and living two hours south in Richmond. He had promised me that we would not discuss marriage until after he graduated. We had plans to spend Thanksgiving together during his final year, and I arrived home from work one day to find him sitting on the stairs of my third-floor, walk-up apartment–skipping class, ring in hand, waiting to propose. He’d spent every penny of his $500 credit limit on his student credit card to buy me an engagement ring with the tiniest diamond available, and once he had it in hand he couldn’t stay put in Richmond. I said yes right there on the stairs. Many years later I lost the diamond and he replaced it with a larger one; I still miss that original diamond and everything it represented. We’ll celebrate our 29th anniversary this year.