United States Spotify Playlist

I recently made a giant alphabetical playlist of songs about every US state for a friend who was planning a midlife crisis road trip across the country. Kicker was the songs couldn’t be about a specific city but the state itself…hardest to find were songs about New York State and Washington State. The states with the most songs are California, Texas, Tennessee and Ohio. Take a listen if you’re so inclined.


AH! This is so cool!

Joie! I’ve got your back!

So many great songs related to Washington. For some reason, I can’t get access to your list to see what you’ve already got, but here are some thoughts:

  1. Re: Woody Guthrie, don’t forget he wrote an entire album in/about Washington State! From that we get Roll On Columbia and many more. There’s a book about it: 26 Songs in 30 days by Greg Vandy.
  2. So many songs related to Seattle! Examples: “Aurora Bridge” by the Young Fresh Fellows, “Slick Watts” by Blue Scholars, “Teardrop Window” by Ben Gibbard, “Blackball Ferry Line” by Bing Crosby (who was from Tacoma), “The Town” by Macklemore, “My Posse’s on Broadway” by Sir-Mix-a-Lot, and the old classic, “The Bluest Skies I’ve Ever Seen are in Seattle” from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (based on the real life “Mercer girls”).
  3. Want a little more Tacoma in the mix? “Thrice All-American” by Neko Case.
  4. Need some Spokane? There’s a fun little song by Jewel called “The Spokane Song”.
  5. Is your friend heading north? Offer a little Lonely Forest. I recommend “I Don’t Want to Live There”.
  6. For a little known song about the whole state, I recommend “Washington State” by James Whetzel.
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Yikes, I got so excited I forgot the kicker and added some city-specific songs. Some still work, as they don’t really mention the cities directly, and some ought to be heard anyway, even if outside the scope of the noted road trip. Hope your friend has a great time!

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