Unpublished work user feedback/tweak thread


I’ve seen people talk about something like this in the other threads and I think that it would be a great idea to share each others unpublished works that need some more work and see how we can help each other to get them going. So post your entries here and we could all try to look at them.

One I could potentially use some help with is an entry about the grave of Polands last Gypsy king. The entry is a bit touchy because of the loaded nature of the word ‘Gypsy’ and the unhappy nature of it in general, but it would be a good fit I think! Feel free to edit it.


Rejected places you wish to share

Two books published by Xlibris: Deer Diary and Deer Companions. Yes, I meant to spell them that way; they are the stars of my story. Bambi the Mule Deer gave the first warning that my appendix was about to burst. Given their wonderfully acute senses, his ability to know really odes not surprise me as much as that he cared. He was my spirit guide on a journey to Death’s door. When someone makes that round trip you remember who went with you.
For sixteen years Sugar Whitetail and her family have adopted me. She has gone where the good people go (I sat beside her as she left) but her daughter Penny and granddaughter Claribel continued the family tradition.

For those who have seen my post about Nara, Japan, this is where I’m coming from. If I could, just once, go anywhere on Earth, that would be the place.



Let me just bump this:



While not unpublished, my latest entry wasn’t edited and the cover pic is not accurate as it should show a bridge:

Wondering if an editor can at least display the proper picture since we can’t do that while submitting entries.



Just remove the uploaded picture and it will go to the next one.
Usually the first you upload is the one used for the icons and the last one is the main one of the page.



Thank you for reaching out! I’ll alert the editors at this time, and if you have any future issues regarding a specific place or food submission, you can always reach the editors directly at places@atlasobscura.com. Thanks again and apologies for the mistake.



Thanks, may as well suggest for a future update to let us arrange our photos.



I’m really missing topics like these on the forum. I think that with some collaboration it would be much easier to get more places in. More working on submissions, hunting for spots, picture bounties etc. Is this something that could be added and pinned maybe @EricGrundhauser?



Hey @coolcrab. It’s funny you should ask this, as we should be rolling out a new use for “Stub” status soon (hopefully this week!), which will hopefully encourage more of that behavior on the forums. Stay tuned, and thanks for keeping the conversation going!