Unusual vending machines

I got fried chicken and fries from a vending machine in the hallway of a Japanese hotel. And anchovy stuffed olives in a can from a manual vending machine in France - you had to spin the drum around until the item you wanted was over the hole

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TLJ also did a couple of ads for Boss coffee, which is why his pic’s there. The regular Boss logo is a bit different - he has a pipe. Boss Coffee - Wikipedia

Dole have a bunch of banana vending machines in Japan, too.


Boss ads: YouTube

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There’s a cupcake vending machine in LA. The cupcakes are really good too. Cupcake ATM - Sprinkles

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Every year now my church does a vending machine for charity. People can purchase representations of items like a goat or a chicken, socks, a new pair of school shoes, an eye exam, clean water, baby supplies, first aid kits, medication, and food. After the purchase is complete, the machine vends the item into a bin at the bottom. These donations, and the money used to purchase them, are then distributed to charity partners like CARE, UNICEF, WaterAid, and Water for People.


I love this thread. Let’s say, hypothetically, Atlas Obscura was going to create its own unusual vending machine. What should we put in it?

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A toothbrush, set of underwear, and a pen.

The toothbrush only needs the addition of salt to feel refreshed within, the underwear makes any outerwear more bearable in difficult climates, and the pen, well, for writing those bottled messages, sucking up water hidden in difficult places and, push comes to shove, doodling.

Thanks for sharing!

Here’s a book vending machine at The Monkey’s Paw in Toronto. My SO’s face when I got a book about pregnancy was priceless!

I actually visited this after reading about it here at AO. I’ve found so many fun, off the beaten path things thanks to this site!


All this talk of vending machines and no one’s brought up gachapon toys? Some of the stuff you get in capsule machine is absolutely bonkers, for example:

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This is ridiculous lolololol

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I have one of the ArtOMat machines in my studio at the Toledo Botanical Garden (Ohio, USA). ArtOMat buys work from over 300 artists that goes into about 130 machines in the US, Austria and Australia. It carries little paintings, sculptures, jewelry, stitched things, leather work, glass and clay objects.


This is awesome! Im actually going to move this over to the Unusual vending machines conversation itself. Thanks again for sharing!

Here in Idaho, we used to have vending machines for French Fries (pommes frites).


The morning vending machine in Zurich:


In Darmstadt (Germany) there is a restaurant/café that also hosts a large collection of antique vending machines: “Café Chaos” (Mühlstraße 36, 64283 Darmstadt, Germany) if you ever make it there, the visit is a must :slight_smile:


I loved the vending machines at interstate rest areas when I was a kid that dispensed little toys. My favorite was a smoking monkey that blew real smoke rings. You’d never see that today!

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I have a bracelet I purchased from one of these machines. Such a cool idea!

Breaking news hot off the press: London commuters will soon have the opportunity to enjoy short story vending machines


There’s an egg farm/factory down the road from where I live in Denmark they sell their eggs there in a vending machine.

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