I would just like to know if all these book outlets in Book Town carry only Spanish language books or can English or other languages be found there as well.


Great question @novanotion! I was living in Madrid when Urueña was officially named a Villa del Libro (Book Town). I didn’t have a chance to go to the ceremony but I can confirm you could find books in English there, especially at the secondhand bookstores. Of course, there will be far fewer titles in English than in Spanish (or even Catalan!), but you can find some. I’d recommend El Grifilm (Calle de la Costanilla, 8, 47862 Urueña, Spain), which specializes in secondhand books about film.

The town also hosts classes in things like bookbinding. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you couldn’t arrange a class in English. Valladolid, the region Urueña is located within, is very accustomed to tourism due to its Roman history and proximity to Madrid. Salamanca is another good nearby city to check out.