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Hello - I know that the word “soda” actually appears on the can. However, having been a Detroit resident for the first 22 years of my life, it should be noted that Vernors as well as any other soft drink was ALWAYS referred to as “pop” in Michigan. Cheers to Vernors pop!



The Pop vs. Soda debates is one of my favorites. You should check out this linguistic heat map:



Vernor’s is amazing, I’ve even gotten my wife (who’s from Texas) to search it out whenever she feels sick. Its high ginger content makes it a potent stomach settler. Before it started to be more readily available outside the State of Michigan, my dad used to have a couple cases shipped to him when they lived out in Massachusetts for a couple years.

Also, if you’re in the Detroit Area, they actually have Vernor’s Ice Cream. It’s amazingly delicious.

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I had the pleasure of having Vernors Ginger Soda while staying at the Dearborn Inn last summer. After talking with the hostess in the hospitality room I realized why I never had encountered it before, being from East Texas. She told me that it is only available in the Michigan area which surprised me because it is far superior to other National and store brands. My surprise the soda in manufactured in the Dallas area (Plano, TX). Now I need to figure out how to get into a factory tour and slip a few cases out the door.



I know that it sounds cliche but Vernors just does not taste the same as it did before the company was sold in the 1960s. Originally it included stevia as part of its flavorings formulation that was removed at the time that it was sold as was the barrel aging that gave it a stronger, and to me much better taste.
It is still the best ginger beer out there but it is nowhere near as good as it was.

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As a born-and-raised Michigander, Vernor’s is still my go-to whenever I have an upset stomach. Because I grew up drinking it, it doesn’t seem that strong to me, but when I’ve had non-Michiganders taste it I’ve gotten some interesting reactions.

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I live in Columbus, OH now, and we can find it in a few stores down here. But yes, its distribution is definitely limited.



I can find Vernors at my local grocery store chain here in Oklahoma. They must be fans?!

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