Visiting Scotland Tips

I grew up in Paisley Scotland and moved to the United States many years ago. My (American) wife and I go to Scotland every 3 years and I have discovered and seen more of Scotland than when I lived there. People always ask me what place to visit when they go? I say, if you only go to one city, go to Edinburgh, it is a spectacular old city and the castle is amazing. If you want to shop and experience the “true” Scottish hospitality you must go to Glasgow. Glaswegens as they are called are the warmest funniest people in Scotland. When in Glasgow don’t forget to visit my home town Paisley only 7 miles away. Paisley was the textile capital of the world (Paisley Print) and the largest producer of thread J&P Coats. In Paisley, visit Paisley Abby, St Mirren’s Cathedral and the museum where you will see the history of the textile industry. If you go to the museum say hello tp Buddy the stuffed lion, he has been there for almost 100 years and I remember him from when I was a little boy. Paisley has a small down town and it is easy to walk around. One way of getting there is by train from Glasgow, its only a 20min ride and drops you in the middle of town. For lunch or dinner go to Casilvettchies (sp) Fish and chips in News Street it has been there and ran by the same family for over 100 years.


This sounds wonderful! Thanks for the recommendation!

We heard our ancestors came from Glasgow…want to plan a “roots” reunion there. Have you heard of the surname “Proudfoot” ?

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There are Proudfoot’s in Glasgow although I never knew any. There is a business in Glasgow called Proudfoot Courier Service owned by a Brian Proudfoot. Google “Glasgow Proudfoot and you will see a few.

Remember the people in Glasgow are very friendly and helpful, if you contact them they will be open to helping you.

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There’s a fantastic group on Facebook called the Scottish Travel Society. It’s populated with Scottish business owners, guides, and regular everyday folk who are willing to help travelers in their native land. Not to mention lots of veteran Scottish travelers from around the world. It’s a great place to ask questions about a particular area or to just skim through for general advice.