Wallaby Ranch

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05/29/19 - If you are into animals, I cannot recommend this highly enough. $15 per person feels like a steal to hold a baby wallaby and snuggle up to some friendly kangaroos in my opinion. The visit was also highly informative. You definitely need to call ahead to schedule your visit; no drop-ins. At the time of our visit, Rex was preparing for thyroid surgery, so he had just assembled a video version of his presentation. This lasts about 20-30 minutes before you get to touch or visit the critters. Some might get impatient with this, but Rex is committed to educating visitors about these animals. You will learn a lot. Also, we had a 2-year-old with us, which was probably not appropriate. We could not rein in his desire to run at the kangaroos, which is a definite no-no, so we had to remove him from the enclosure. Rex has a very earthy and off-color sense of humor, which I certainly appreciate, but if this goes against your sensibilities, you will have to let that go during your visit. As for us, we will definitely be back.


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