Watergate Salad

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I have always heard that this salad got it’s name from the Watergate hotel where it was invented and served and predated the scandal.


The recipe fir watergate salad is on the side of a Jello pistachio pudding box. Watergate salad is the sort if thing that no one will admit they like, but absolutely adore. I will shamelessly dive into the ambrosia at a salad bar. Here’s the thing - if you don’t like any of the ingredients you can substitute things that you do like. Don’t eat Cool-Whip? Use real whipped cream. Don’t like pecans? Use almonds. The salad combines the textures of soft pudding and cream and marshmallows, crunchy nuts, and juicy fruit. The whole thing is sweet - really sweet. The fanciest one that I’ve ever made was Trader Joe’s belgian chocolate pudding, fresh whipped cream kinda folded in, toasted almonds, marshmallows, raspberries, and pitted dark cherries. It was incredible.


I love these kind of stories. I just watched a video about the history of the watergate salad. Seems there is a lot to the story. Hopefully this link works. YouTube


This is Jill from YesterKitchen! Thank you so much for the kind words and so happy you enjoyed my video about the history of this wonderful dessert! My whole channel is all things retro and vintage cooking, recipes and the history behind the dishes! Enjoy and please consider subscribing!
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This sounds absolutely delicious and I’m looking forward to making it!

I assume the equivalent salad for our times would have russian dressing.


My mom has a better version with cottage cheese and no nuts or puffs.
Cool Whip 8oz
Jello Instant Pistachio pudding 3.4oz
Cottage cheese 16oz
Crushed pineapple with juice 20oz

Somehow, this may be renamed Trump salad.

I think the article is incorrect in stating Watergate Salad was named after the scandal. I always heard it was served at the Watergate Hotel before there was a scandal. We always ate it at Thanksgiving and Christmas.