We need “unique” for our Pensacola trip

We aren’t “beach people” so am looking for some fun/unique things to do within an hour drive of Pensacola. Maybe even two hours away. Any suggestions?

What we do like:
+hikes with interesting/beautiful natural landmarks
+historic homes (something we’ve done before: toured the sugar plantation homes in LA with huge trees)
+antique shopping/eccentric shopping
+cool urban renovations (old factories converted to art space/retail space/etc)


We like this. Always visit when we are down.

Drive to the Fairhop Alwabama, 50 miles away. Lovely little fown on Mobile Bay with lovely little shops and lunch places. The old summer villas on the bay are worth seeing. Enjoyable place.

If you like museums and history, visit the Museum of Naval Aviation at NAS Pensacola.
During my commissioning training, we visited the museum several times. Of course, since 1985, it has grown tremendously. 150 aircraft, thousands of displays and a nice little restaurant that is a replica of the O-club bar from NAS Cubi Point, Republic of the Phillipines. The walls are festooned with plaques from the many squadrons that were deployed there. If you do go, look for my old squadron, VP-48, the Boomers, there in 1987.

If you like lighthouses, the Pensacola Lighthouse and Maritime Museum is a neat little stop.

You may also like Fort Morgan. It is out at the end of Fort Morgan peninsula. You can also there take a ferry across Mobile Bay and tour Fort Gains on Dauphine Island. The area is full of history. Lots of things to see from hiking the birding trails to visiting the historic area in Pensacola.

If you like oysters and interesting places to have a drink (or five! Lol!) definitely go to FloraBama bar, it’s situated right on the Florida-Alabama line and is a landmark and a lot of fun! Their website is florabama.com, check it out! It’s right on the water, I love this place!

You can always check out the Gulf Breeze Zoo and look up their story!

I second this.

I’m going through AO’s itineraries at the moment:

And funnily enough, there’s a Pensacola one:

I never even made it to the panhandle when I was in Florida, so no idea how good the suggestions might be. Probably still worth a look, though.