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Atlas Obscura has been having issues lately. Last month, I was visiting Iceland, and I tried logging on a few times at the hotel, but the articles would be frozen if I was logged in. It happened on my phone and my iPad and my mom had the same problem. I thought the hotel wifi was just slow, but the problem continued at home and is still ongoing. The website was working on my laptop, but starting this week, the search option has stopped working and maps won’t load. Last night I submitted the article Jing Shan, but it won’t let me add pictures. Anyone else experiencing these problems?

The only issue I’ve had with the website, which I only access from my desktop computer, is in uploading photos. This may be my lack of understanding the process fully or it may be a glitch due to my Linux based system. I’ve occasionally had similar issues with uploading photos at other sites. Once in a while I get “There was a problem. Try again later.” message but I think those may be weather related since they generally occur when there are severe storms and large scale extended power outages. All in all Atlas Obscura works as smoothly as other websites I frequent.

Since I can’t add photos, the website will not publish the article I’ve submitted, though it’s an interesting one, that’s definitely worthy of Atlas Obscura. It’s pretty easy to find pictures of it on the Internet, but neither my iPad nor my laptop will let me download them.

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@Guthbrand did you receive a note from one of our database editors about adding photos? If so feel free to relay that information and the place. We may be able to find a few common photos or if you can attach them to the note, along with the proper attribution we can certainly upload them for you. Sorry for any inconveniences.

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Di you mean the email that said that the submission was received, but needs photos for approval?

yep, that would be the one

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