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I’ve been exploring in the woods near me pretty regularly the past few years. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy added a new parcel to their Tom’s Run Nature Reserve so I wanted to check out exactly what that plot comprised. Allegheny county (Pa.) has their real estate (tax) maps all available online and searchable by address or parcel. For instance, this is the piece of land that they recently acquired, I wanted to be sure before I started wandering around the woods aimlessly that I wasn’t on private property. Everything the Conservancy owns is open to the public. When I started looking around the tax map I noticed that there’s a parcel labeled NOT ASSESSED **

** along it’s north eastern border (attached screenshot). I had no idea what that meant aside from interpreting that it’s a piece of land literally owned by nobody. I wasn’t thinking about it until I stumbled passed it and it immediately made sense. This plot is the cemetery of the former Dixmont State Hospital, a long gone sanitarium just outside of Pittsburgh. (AO entry coming on this one once I get a few more pictures). Aside from a marker at one corner it’s essentially abandoned. If it weren’t Memorial Day and someone had dropped flags for veterans on a few of the markers I’d have never noticed it.


A few of the pics that I got when I found it:


Very cool. I’ve been looking for new and remote-ish places to roam near me and thought there have got to be old cemeteries and interesting overgrown creek beds. Hadn’t thought of looking on tax maps. It’s touching to know some people have visited and placed flags there. That one old head stone with the exposed aggregate is a lovely if melancholic shot.


Sooo cool. Flippin’ awesome!
Exactly what I’d hope to find here on A. O.
Does anyone curate a Halloween graveyards page?

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where it is ?

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One of my favorite pieces of Internet history, this is supposedly a screenshot from back in the day when people were hunting for Mel’s Hole:


Killbuck Twp. between Tom’s Run and Roosevelt roads.

where is this place? it looks nice and creepy in the same time.