What are some surprisingly romantic places?

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I’ve been thinking about places that are romantic, though you might not expect them to be. There are a million different ways for a place fit this description—beautiful landscapes, good food and drinks, heartwarming histories, or a certain je ne sais quoi that makes them really special.

I’ve been asking around for examples and the responses so far have been delightful. Some of my personal favorites include The Bunny Museum, a gift exchange that grew into the world’s largest collection of bunny memorabilia, and the Obama Kissing Rock, which marks the site of the first couple’s first kiss.

I would love to hear about more of these kinds of places! What are some of the most interesting, unexpectedly romantic spots that you’ve come across?

A friend and her husband went to the top of Glastonbury Tor on a chilly, windy day and stood in the center holding on to each other while the wind whipped around them. They were entirely alone; no one else had braved the weather. He said, “The breath of England,” and she was ravished. It really is a pretty ravishing place.

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I can imagine! It looks like a gorgeous spot, and it would be incredible to have the whole place to yourself.

Rossographer / CC BY-SA 2.0