What are the interesting things to do in Prague in April?


we will be spending 3 days in Prague in late April. What are the less well known but rewarding things to do?


Prague is a fascinating place! I’ve yet to be able to visit in person, but you can browse all the incredible wonders we’ve got for a start:



Hey there,
Outside of the famous spots, I enjoyed visiting a few of the churches for the architecture, but my friend and I wandered into the Church of the Infant Jesus, mainly because we were intrigued by the name. There was a woman tending to the church who told us about the little museum about the Infant Jesus upstairs. It’s worth a peek.

If you eat meat, I also highly recommend a restaurant that was suggested to us and still remains a top three meal of my life. U modré kachničky II, or the Little Blue Duck. There are two as the name suggests and the Czech person who recommended it says the one in Michalská is the better one.

Enjoy your trip! Prague is beautiful.


You should check out the Honest Guide on youtube. They’re from Prague and post tons of videos about lesser known sites/restaurants. I was just there in December and went to a ton of the places they mentioned.

U Fleků is a great restaurant that’s a little bit outside of the city center, so it’s mostly locals. It’s also one of the oldest breweries in Prague. It’s down the street from Absinthe Time, a bar that specializes in cocktails w/ absinthe. They also serve absinthe the Czech way, which is totally different from the French way everyone knows from movies (We did a whole absinthe tour through Airbnb which was super interesting).

The Museum of Communism is also interesting and very well done.

Prague is an amazing city, enjoy your trip!


Prague is a wonderful place! :grinning: As others have said, definitely take a look at Atlas Obscura’s listings and do it while chomping on a trdelník (sweet chimney).

Aside from the Atlas attractions, I recommend the Kafka Museum (suitably Kafkaesque and a real immersive experience), the Jewish synagogue, the Astronomical Tower (which you can climb for great views) and the Bethlehem Chapel (where heretic Jan Hus used to preach. I may add it to the Atlas at some point).