What are your favorite museums?


I am always on the look-out for good museums, so tell me, what are some of your favorites?

Here are mine:

Beautiful building, beautiful art, beautiful grounds. If you’re ever in Tulsa, you must stop at the Philbrook.

I’ve been here several times now and love going on the tour (especially because I remember some of the signs from when I was a kid!)

North Carolina Museum of Art
My very first art museum, which has since expanded their property to include things like this…

Not on AO, but the Oklahoma Frontier Drug Store Museum and Apothecary Garden In Guthrie, OK is the coolest little museum I’ve been in. It’s a complete recreation of what a drug store back in the Territorial days would’ve looked like complete with all sorts of old-timey medicine bottles, interesting concoctions, and all sorts of neat stuff



Good question ! I absolutely love Museums and I’ve visited a lot over the years. With luck I’m hoping to visit many more next year in country’s I’ve yet to explore , some of which will probably make the list too.

So far mine are :

The British Museum , London

Museum of anthropology and history , Mexico City

The Natural History museum, London

The Louvre , Paris

Dolores Olmedo Museum , Mexico City

The Ashmolean , Oxford

The Gallery of Evolution , Paris

Powell Cotton Museum , Kent

National Museum of Ireland , Kildare st , Dublin

Grant Museum of Zoology, London

Museum of man , Paris

Museum of Natural History , New York

National Museum of Archeology and history , Madrid

The Quai Branly Museum , Paris

Petrie Museum , London

The Afro Brazil Museum , Sao Paulo


I’m a big fan of tiny little DIY museums like the various marzipan museums all over European tourist towns, or Opossum World in New Zealand, or the strange doll collection I stumbled upon in Tihany, Hungary (not yet in the Atlas, my bad). They always feel a bit empty and undiscovered.


One of the best museum I have seen for the settings, and the collections are not bad either, is ‘La Piscine’ in France.
It is really quite original, and fitting well for the collections.


Best Regards,
Enzo Rhode-Hagen


@shatomica I also love the Neon boneyard—it’s certainly one of the most photogenic museum around.

Speaking of favorite photogenic museums, I’ll add this one to the ongoing favorites list:


As well as a couple photos:


There are so many great Museums to choose from. Right now my favorite museum in NYC is the Tenement Museum. It’s such an amazing time capsule of immigrant life in New York during the turn of the century, and they do an incredible job at telling their stories. Unfortunately it’s not an AO site.


Wow! Those are some amazing specimens! I live near an osteology museum and have been lax on getting around to visiting. I’ll have to put this gallery on my “want to go” list as well.


Ooo, those dolls are creepy. That’s a good find!


I second the British Museum as far as larger institutions go. One museum I stumbled upon in Prague was the Infant Jesus Museum in Prague. My friend and I just went in to check out this beautiful church and one of the attendants told us this was hidden upstairs. I just loved how unexpected it was. Museum of the Infant Jesus of Prague (Muzeum Pražského Jezulátka) - Prague.eu


I’ve never been into morbid things, but I was completely fascinated by the Kingship and Sacrifice exhibit at the National Museum of Ireland. There’s just something about bog bodies that I find so intriguing.

I also recently had the pleasure of visiting the British Optical Association Museum in London. You have to book a tour in advance (it’s free!), but you get a private tour of the collection from its curator himself. It’s a small but incredible little museum that’s basically hidden in plain sight in a super touristy area.


I agree about the bog bodies , the National Museum of Ireland is absolutely wonderful and it has that old time turn of the last century scholarly feel to it.


One of my favorite museums I’ve been in is the Graveyard of the Atlantic museum. It’s super small, but it’s got a wonderful collection. It has an entire shipwreck, a bag of doritos, and a mysterious painting on display.Shipwrecked Doritos


I love that! Shipwrecked Doritos are the museum exhibits we need.


I certainly enjoy museums as well! Some of my favorites are:
The Golden Eagle Pharmacy Museum in Budapest
The Vasa Museum in Stockholm
The Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, NL and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam


These two in Paris will always have a very special place in my heart.




One place that is NOT a museum but takes on the feeling of a museum, because of the sheer volume of stuff and thematic arrangement is this curated collection of trash in a sanitation building in NY:

Also not a museum exactly, but one of the greatest weirdest little collections in the world is in the medical examiners offices in Baltimore:


Another new and obscure museum in NYC is MoSA (museum of street art) in the stairwell of the new CitizenM. Now until the end of the month you can take a free and really amazing tour lead by the curator and former 5 Pointz community member. I highly recommend taking advantage while the tours are still available. MoSA | Museum of Street Art | citizenM


The Museum of Science and Industry - Chicago, IL
Newseum - Washington D.C.
National Air and Space Museum - Washington D.C.
National Museum of African-American History - Washington D.C.
U.S. Holocaust Museuam - Washington D.C.
National Museum of Natural History - Washington D.C.
Milwaukee Art Museum - Milwaukee, WI


I grew up in Central Florida and was lucky to have the Dali as one of our closest museums. The newer location is much flashier, but I prefer the old layout. Still- being able to see the Masterworks up close as a kid really influenced me as an artist.


The Austrian National Library in Vienna is one of the most stunning places I’ve been to in the world. I sat in the middle of it for probably 45 minutes trying to take it all in.

image https://s.yimg.com/lo/api/res/1.2/w2UZ_i1ezIiyj7AVOGbJbg--~B/YXBwaWQ9eWlzZWFyY2g7Zmk9Zml0O2dlPTAwNjYwMDtncz0wMEEzMDA7aD00MDA7dz02MDA-/https://assets.atlasobscura.com/media/W1siZiIsInVwbG9hZHMvcGxhY2VfaW1hZ2VzL2UzOGM1ZTFhNjNmMTRiMGY0Y18xMjMzMDE3NzMwNF83NmM3ZDk0NDYwX2IuanBnIl0sWyJwIiwiY29udmVydCIsIi1xdWFsaXR5IDkxIC1hdXRvLW9yaWVudCJdLFsicCIsInRodW1iIiwiNjAweD4iXV0.cf.jpg