What are your top 3 MUST do/see in Kuala Lumpur?

I am in KL for a conference for 3 days so won’t have much time but want to do /see what I can while I am not in the conference, so will have one day and one evening to myself and don’t want to waste it! I LOVE Malaysian food and would like to learn more about Malaysia.

Hello, hi, I’m so pleased that you are coming to Malaysia! I have so many thoughts but they would all require essays, so here are some distilled thoughts:

My first suggestion is that you have to try the beef noodles at Shin Kee—it’s in the metropolitan area. Many a good family time was had there when we visited. You should also make a stop by the Central Market while you’re at it; it’s a pretty interesting encapsulation of our country’s history. Also, try out bak kut teh (literally pork ribs tea, VERY tasty in KL) anywhere in the area and try to find Hainanese chicken rice while you’re there.

You probably already know this, but you could also go to Batu Caves, a series of cave temples that are stunning. We did a Facebook video on it here.

And my last suggestion is to dive into the history of the Chinese clans while you’re there; Chan See Shu Yuen is one of the prettiest clan houses imo, and is home to the Chan clan. It’s also one of the oldest surviving Buddhist temples in Malaysia!

The other thing I will say about Malaysia is that you can do day trips to neighbouring states fairly easily, it takes about 8 hours to drive from north-south on the west coast without stopping. If you have three consecutive days to kill, you could easily take a drive (or catch a bus!) to Melaka, where a lot of our history begins. (It was a port city for the Dutch, Portuguese and the British back in the day.) If you do visit, be sure to check out the Peranakan food scene (also a whole subset of culture in and of itself) and see if you can try these top hat pastries.

You could also make a day trip up to Penang, which is where I’m from so I’m OBVIOUSLY biased, but it’s also got some excellent history and the greatest food scene on the planet. So if you like Malaysian food, that’s where you’ll wanna go. I could spend paragraphs talking about Penang so I shan’t here, but let me know if you’d like more info! (I love my hometown and think everyone should visit at least once.)

Hope this is helpful! Shout if you want more targeted options.


THANK YOU for you reply Samantha! That is great info - I only have ONE DAY to explore on my own so I would love to see the temple and the caves! great info! I am meeting up with some friends so they will take care of the food part for me haha but the market sounds great as well. Although I would LOVE to visit Penang and Melaka, I am not sure if that will be possible…maybe I will try to add three days to my conference visit haha Cheers!

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Ah, apologies, I thought you had three days to roam round! No matter. Lots to see! (Also, I figured you already had it but worth mentioning the iconic Twin Towers.)

Are you renting a car while you’re there? If not, I feel obliged to tell you about Grab, SE Asia’s version of Uber. Traffic can be a bit gnarly in KL due to congestion on the roads so be sure to factor that into your transit times! We also have a train system which might be more reliable within the city, but the lines won’t really go that far outside of the city centre last I checked. Good luck, yell if you need more options, and I’m SO excited for you to visit! Come back if you can :slight_smile:


well! the good news is that I got an extension to my travel time so I WILL have a couple of days to roam around now! YAY :slight_smile: and thanks for the info about Grab! I am installing that right away to check it out :wink:


I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! Enjoy! Let me know if you want more recs for anything else now that you have a little more time :slight_smile:


penang is definitely worth it! had one of the best laksa’s of my life there years ago. and chundal??? yum!
i’d also recommend going to melaka if possible because peranakan culture and food is extremely interesting. there are some great houses and temples in melaka and the food is different there than in kl. enjoy your time there!


Great! Thank you!

Was it assam laksa? I LOVE ASSAM LAKSA. It’s not for everyone, as my friends have diplomatically informed me, but I personally love my tamarind fish broth noodle soup. Could eat it every day.

I guess curry laksa is also good :wink:


yep! assam laksa and i’m also a fan of tamarind everywhere :slightly_smiling_face: