What to See Driving from Skye to Scrabaster (for ferry to Orkney)

We will be driving from the southern part of the Isle of Skye to catch the evening ferry to Orkney from Scrabaster. Unfortunately we only have one day for the drive, and there are so many sights to see in the northern highlands. On our return from Orkney, we will be driving along the A9 on the east coast, so I am considering heading inland during the drive north. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Some potential stops which I need to decide between, depending on the route are: Lairg, Dunrobin Castle, Whaligoe Steps, Tongue.

The Whaligoe steps are wonderful and north of there is the awesome Wick Maritime Museum. That is up the east coast so you could take in Dunrobin Castle too - they are all quite close to each other in relative terms.

There is a ferry to Orkney from Gills Bay which requires less sick bags - it is a catamaran. I always take that one!

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@gaby this is not the question you asked, but since you mentioned the Orkney Islands, just wanted to share few things about Orkney attractions. (Though, caveat, these are experiences from 2014.)

  • Something worth a visit, but not yet in the Atlas are the Churchill barriers, which protected the Islands from German submarines during WWII. (See photo below.) You’ll probably just encounter these driving around.
  • Don’t know if it’s still there, but stumbled upon The Foveran restaurant and loved it. It was our best meal on the island.
  • The northern-most Distillery in Scotland is Highland Park, and it’s worth a visit.
  • Finally, found the very, very small town of South Ronaldsay charming, if nothing else, for their local bar. (See photo below as well.)

Of course, those are in addition to the obvious attraction of the Ring of Brodgar. Have a wonderful time!