What's changed with AO's maps?

Something has changed with the map link on the description page for each attraction. Previously, you could click on “show more” to find other nearby attractions. I used that feature all the time, and miss it greatly! We’ve planned several trips, based solely on the “show more” button. Is there any chance it’ll ever come back?


I had the same questions, apparently they will change it eventually. Have any feedback about our forums? Please let us know!

Dunno, I came here to find out what happened to the maps here. If the maps are gone, so am I.

Are you guys using Chrome? The maps have never really worked for me in Chrome, I have to switch over to Firefox to use them.

Hey everyone the maps are returning. We are working on some new features that will improve their functionality and ability to interact. It’ll include more places nearby. Sorry for any inconvenience and we are further investigating the issue. You can find more details in the link posted by @CoolCrab from our tech team. Thanksss

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adblocker removes them, so you have to allow ads to see in chrome.

I wish that you guys could be a bit more transparent in these changes. Some kind of update with what will change would be great. Right now everything feels very corporate and political. (lots of non answers, etc) While back in the day the structure felt more like a club of people doing cool stuff.

Personally I think that it is fine if you say that you shoot for the moon and later admit that things went wrong / were not feasible. I prefer that immensely over the way the foods database is being handled for example. (Where you guys have not given a non-vague answer / replied to user concerns/questions in over a year.)

This might just be my Dutch/Swedish dislike for hierarchical structures speaking, so take it as you will.

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Hey @CoolCrab. I wanted to apologize for the lack of clarity in recent months. You’re right that we should have been more transparent in what’s going on. We had planned to send out a big update to explain our Gastro plans, which would have included details on the place page changes, but that plan was disrupted as Covid-19 hit and our priorities changed to react to that.

Here’s what’s happening regarding Gastro and our maps:

  1. We are still plan to migrate food pages into our new place template, in accordance with the new Gastro strategy that @jonathancarey laid out in this post. We hear you on the concerns around this new strategy, and we grappled it for awhile, but we feel strongly that it’s the best move strategically for the cohesion of our database and in helping readers find unique foods in the world.
  2. When we launched our new place template, we decided to disable the ability to expand the map, because 1) We didn’t feel like it was a good user experience (it’s an awkward, small aspect ratio to view pins within), and 2) We are currently working on building out a more robust, full-screen, interactive map, that will allow you to view and filter all places in our database. This is a time-consuming build, but we’re incentivized to move quickly on it because we know how important it is to exploring the database. If we knew the new map build timeline would have been disrupted, we would have left it like it was.

Again, things got thrown in a tizzy because of Covid-19, but we hope to return to normalcy (and more transparency) very soon. We’re getting those aforementioned projects re-prioritized as we speak.

Thanks, as always, for letting us know your thoughts about the site. Hope you’re doing well.


Thanks for the update! A big update thread on foods would be much appreciated. :slight_smile: I’m glad that its all moving along, thanks for the reply!


To all the posts. Better MAPS will be great. When my friend and I were on a road trip last summer you found us both the amazing Poets Tower and the damn amazing Peace Pagoda within ten mikes if each other. Both were stupendous!! Thanx so much for all you do! Road Trip 2o20 coming up! We will record and report. Two 75 year old hippie girls off to the wilds iof upstate NY!

Elizabeth Quigley


Any ETA on the maps btw? I just noticed that it does not even show other markers that are in the field of view of the map. This really is a feature that I miss.

Hey I just wanted to say that I feel like we’re back in this unresponsive stage again. I’m sure that its not @jonathancarey’s fault, but there have been no updates since on anything and apart from some bugs that you fixed (thanks!) none of the comments/suggestions that me or others have made ever received a follow up beyond ‘it will be passed on’.

Not trying to be a backseat driver here, but I feel like you guys are basically killing your community and driving away very loyal volunteers by constantly giving corporate non-answers.

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Hey CoolCrab. Below are more concrete answers to some of the issues brought up here. In full transparency, we’ve been focusing a lot of our time lately developing our first mobile app. (Coming mid-next year!!!) As a result, some key updates to our web product, such as our maps and membership program, have taken a back seat until we strategize our approach for that new platform. That doesn’t explain all the lapses and vague answers, though. So here are some more details.

  1. More markers on maps - The issue of showing more markers on destination page maps has been a big hole in that feature for awhile. There is a project in our queue in the coming weeks to make it so you can explore places in the map of the surrounding area.
  2. Place page forum threads - We’ve deprecated this functionality until we figure out an approach that more tightly integrates commenting onto the place page itself, instead of out here in the forums. This will also be influenced by our mobile app functionality, so expect changes in Q3-ish next year. (cc @linkogecko)
  3. Destination page places are stale - To be honest, this one has been sitting in our backlog as we’ve prioritized other things. Not much of an update here, except that a fix will potentially be part of our improved destination page roadmap beginning in Q1.
  4. Adding more than 1 photo at a time - This may get done by end of year, but we do have concerns about people batch uploading a lot of photos that aren’t well curated. Also, our mobile app will likely relieve this issue.
  5. Adding publish date to pending entries - We typically only know the places we’re publishing a few days out. Can you elaborate more on the value you’d get knowing a few days ahead of time that your place will be published soon?

I know I didn’t cover everything, but let me know if I missed anything that’s at top of mind for you. And thanks again for being such a dedicated member of our community. :heart: :crab: