What's In Season Where You Are?

Fresh produce is a moving target. Depending on where you are, and when you’re there, your selection of truly fresh produce is always changing, depending on what’s in season. While this can be slightly frustrating if you’re trying to find something specific in the wrong place or time, it also means that there’s always a new ingredient to celebrate as the seasons change. Right now, among the many kinds of produce grown in the Eastern U.S., it’s prime time to harvest cranberries, and it’s about to be a great time to buy them! But that’s just what’s happening right here and now. We want to hear about what’s in season where you are, and what you’re excited to prepare with your local fresh produce!

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In the comments below, tell us about what’s in season where you are. Tell us where you are and what you get to prepare with your local fresh produce. You don’t have to grow fruits and vegetables to be excited about their growing!


Great starter! For me in the Midwest, this season means one thing: apple orchards. While I can make a mean apple pie, it’s really about the memories. If I had to pick a favorite childhood memory, it would be picking apples with my dad and g’pa. They taught me how to taste for the right amount of ripeness, which of course was really just an excuse to eat apples off the tree, and how to climb trees, because the best ones were left at the top where no one could reach. And the cider! The taste, the smell, and even the beautiful sight of apples in a bushel, takes me instantly back to what was some of my favorite quality time with the two greatest men I’ve known.


Just returned from US state of Washington where apples and peaches were a blessing. Returned home to Mexico where mangos just finished for this year. Interesting thing about mangos is that the season has almost doubled in the past fifteen years. Starts end of March here far from the coast and ends about now. In March we get the delicious small peaches which can be in season through August. I am still trying to figure out how in Mexico asparagus is not grown year round and available usually at larger grocers.


It’s green chile season in New Mexico. We go muy loco over the aroma of roasted chile filling the air. Abuela’s everywhere are prepping for winter: drying it, canning it, freezing it.
We New Mexicans can’t live without it. It’s part of our culture; we’re even in a good natured dispute with Colorado over who’s chile is best. No secret, hands down New Mexico chile is the best there is!


Here in Denmark apples, pears, rose hips, and elder berries are in season.

The rosehips are usually turned into jam or jelly

Apples and pears are used for many sweet and savory dishes. One of the easiest and most classicly Danish apple dish is Æblekage (apple cake) it’s basically an apple trifle.
It’s layers of apple sauce and layers of macaroon crumbs and /or bread crumbs that have been mixed with sugar and toasted in a pan. These layers are then topped with whipped cream.

Danish hyldebær (elderberry) soup
5 c Elderberry juice
1/4 c lemon juice
water if you want for consistence and taste
1/2 c sugar to taste
3 Tbsp cornstarch

Combine sugar and juice. Add water, but taste as you go. It should be a bit on the strong side, so don’t add too much water or the soup will taste watery when hot.

Stir the cornstarch into a bit of the cold juice to dissolve. Bring sweetened juice to a boil on medium-high heat, stirring constantly. Stir the cold juice and cornstarch into the boiling juice. After the juice thickens and becomes clear, remove the soup from the heat. Eat warm with apple slice on top.

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Also I make applebutter as Danes don’t really know about it so it’s the only way I can have some other than bringing it from the States


In the Berkshires (western Massachusetts), it’s apples! The “Apple Squeeze” festival in Lenox last weekend drew record crowds. I’m all set to make some nice applesauce and apple butter very soon. Not to mention apple cake, apple bread, apple pie… :apple:


Oh wow. Thank you for the recipe!

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