What's the Most Mind-Blowing Plant in the World?

thank you! its excellent! here is my ink work of this orchid…supposedly it was used in the making of religious figures of straw fibers and

the bulbs used as adhessive


these are edible after they bloom (petals and stem); I’d have it in soup as a kid


lovely…! its an epiphyllum epyphytic cacti here in Mexico even in cloud forests-seasonal- we have some this is in my grden cd mex from the oaxaca cloud forests epiphyllum pfersorfii… rare and scarce in nature severely threathened…

20 cm diam only 48 ours long and the fragance… like gardenia-jazmine with touch of dove soap…


A strange question , but is your garden in Jardines de Pedregal by any chance ? My grandparents live in that area and I know that there is someone in the neighbourhood nearby who keeps a lot of rare and endangered plants from all sorts of regions of the country. Just wondered if it might have been you.


hi, yes I live nearby… but all deep south mexico city all nice-expensive- neighborhoods here, are in the area of pedregal… and strange plants and terrestrial orchids used to live here… along with strange coloured lizards and beautiful butterflies… combined with cavities and architecture you can have gardens with microclimates apt to grow all strange plants you can… hihi… my name is Ariel Valencia Navarro . have 42 year old so I m new… your grandparents must have ben here for much more time than I…here is an example of wild orchid in pedregal… spiranthes cinnabarina october mexico city… !-2 months after was destroyed for building in the so called protected eclogycal reserve…u%20destruidos%20x%20construccion%20sur-nte%20pasando%20inpi|666x500

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Yes , definitely agree , there is way too much property development in the Pedregal area. In terms of butterflies , my grandma has studied the butterflies of that area of the city as a citizen scientist and has been writing a book on the butterflies of Mexico city. I dont know if it’ll ever get published though as she has been working on it forever and its still not finished.

Personally , I’ve seen cacomixtle and Tlacuache in the neighbourhood that come to eat figs and avocado from the trees in peoples gardens , but I’ve only ever glimpsed these at night and the early morning. Seen ground squirrels , lots of lizards and the endemic Pedregal tarantula many times. Unfortunately I mostly used to see dead tarantulas that people had intentionally killed or stepped on in the Parque Jardines de Pedregal park… always was very sad to see that.

I used to go to the Pedregal ecological reserve now and then with friends, near the espacio escultorico , but mainly to smoke a certain… cough…mind-blowing plant… hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: Never saw much wildlife there though, although I know its a high biodiversity area of the city. I do remember seeing a big old black tailed rattlesnake (Crotalus molossus) there once though when I was high , a friend saw it and pointed it out as it crossed the path a short distance away. We just watched it slither off into the scrub , its tongue flickering in and out , I guess it must have been on the hunt for some unlucky rodent. From my recollection of the size of it I think it must have been way over a decade old , an old man/lady of the lava rock flows for sure , I hope its descendents are still slithering around the Matorral scrub and hunting rats in ample numbers.

I’m definitely going to check that orchid species you mentioned out , is it endemic to Pedregal ? and by the way I didn’t hear about the destruction in the ecological reserve but I’ll check that out too.


…and when in Mexico city please contact me we will smoke in pedregal and show you and we will photograph whatever rare species you can imagine… at certain hours all animals appear…opossums-tlacuache- have been in my garden… love them…! I used to go there to smoke but cigarettes and take a mezcal.inspiring in my naturalistic art…hihiii…its a magical and obscura place and nowhere in world exists a place like pedregal… thats the reason that will remain, iInHERITED LAND NEARBY, -SO ITS A PLACE REALLY LOVE…HEHEHE…

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That would be awesome alaige , I’ll be back in Mexico city to visit family sooner or later so save a bottle of Mezcal for me.

Are you a biologist / botanist by any chance?

and also do you grow cacti as well as orchids ?

excelleent.! mictlan, let me know when you come here I will reserve a bottle of good mezcal for you…and you know…will be nice to go along to pedregal! -not a biologist I am a naturalistic artist and art collector of asian art… and socialite… and a small-to medium l entrepeneur. in the business of real state.- … hihi… congrats! will see the opossums in real lifeat 6 pm and take marvelous pics-! your grandmother surely has the best butterflies-here… believe me, here are the most strange species to publish!..hii…movile 55 85621539 home 56755420. Ariel

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welcome! let me know when will be here

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Will do alaige !

excellent! my cell 55 85621539 home 5556755420 south mex city. will be a nice thing to meet here at the pedregales area. you can see my face ariel valencia n to see interesting weird things hehe! welcome and we will be pleased to smoke and have a few mezcales here i the rocks…

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A practical joker friend of mine had one of these in his front hall and when an uninitiated guest came to visit and accidently brushed the plant it would “die” to much mock anguish on the part of said joker.


that drawing is fantastic any idea as to what type of religious figures, as in was this plant used to represent a particular person, group, etc. Im super intrigued!


hi, the murals al malinalco late -mid 1500s and early 1600s

depict religious scenes, and are profusely decorated with stylized vegetal floral motifs. other walls just seem to have just ornamentation, in floral motives like garlands and big compositions of flowers-native of the area… all are in tones of grey-white…there is another simple engraving published late 1500s that depict it, and I posted a drawing 2018 from my authorship…and flower-posted- dont know if appeared but here it goes…


I agree with the ‘tastes like heaven remark’, but from what I have observed it is an acquired taste. Not everyone can get past the strong smell.

Alluaudia ascendens

Euphorbia mutante

Nepenthes hamata (carnivorous beasts!)

Lotus Lithops

Ophrys speculum (bee orchid)

Ceropegia ampliata

Pampas Grass


This looks like a tour of an alien botanical garden. Amazing.


Awesome insight something for me to chew on. Thanks!!


I just have to say after looking at all of these incredible gorgeous flowers and plants, to God be the glory