What's Your Favorite Arcade?



I just learned about the incredible Michigan arcade institution Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum, and I think I have a new dream travel destination. Full of pinball machines, historic mechanical marvels, and carnival-esque bric-a-brac, it looks like the kind of place where you could accidentally put a quarter in an enchanted fortune-telling machine and turn into Tom Hanks to learn some important life lessons. In other words, magical. I really miss the buzzing, chirping, tightly packed, black-lit world of classic arcades, so I’d love to hear about your favorite arcades that are still holding on. Or even about your favorite memories of arcades that’re no longer here! Please share your pictures, stories, or recommendations of your favorite arcades below so that we can all relive the halcyon days of of games you had to play one quarter at a time.


My favorite Bar is an arcade bar called UpDown in Uptown, Minneapolis, MN Minneapolis - Up-Down


Tilt Pinball Bar Pinball Machines Minneapolis, MN | Tilt Pinball Bar


Sunshine Laundromat is just a couple blocks from the Atlas Obscura offices, so that one is a staff favorite! Plus you walk through a door made of fake washing machines to get in, which I find extremely cool.


Grinkers in Eagle, ID is pretty incredible. Here’s a list of their 147 vintage games:



Banning is impressive, so is the Pinball Hall Of Fame in Vegas. But if you want to really play pinball and congregate with other enthusiasts, there’s only place to go for one or maybe two weekends a year. That being The VFW aka, Vintage Flipper World. Over 400 machines, the weekend starts with that many and less than a handful will not be operating at the end of the weekend. And in the world of pinball, that is probably the most amazing part of the place, that when a machine breaks, it gets fixed and done quickly. You’re going to have to search for the place yourself. If you want to see Marvin’s, by all means, the VFW should also be on your list.



Love this name!