What's your poison?



So Obscurians ,

Thought I would ask a question I am curious about , what are your favourite drinks that you discovered while travelling ? How did you discover them ? What’s your poison?

Mine are : Pulque (traditional , guayaba or strawberry), a nice cold Michelada made with Cerveza Indio in Mexico , a pint of Guinness pretty much anywhere in the world , and recently I developed a bit of a taste for Campari in Sao Paulo


I acquired quite a taste for Iceland’s much ballyhooed Brennivín. It’s a popular aquavit there, and it tastes like if vodka and gin raised a child in a glacier. It’s delicious.


Thanks for the reply Eric!

I like the metaphor hahaha it sounds pretty awesome , in fact I sort of want to try it already , I am imagining Egil Skallagrímsson sipping a glass of it haha.


I’m down to drink about anything, anywhere, but Brennivin is an acquired taste.
Herbaceous with anise and licorice and vapors that clear your sinuses.
I’d equate it to a clear Jagermeister.

I’d say Guinness in Ireland of course, but my favorite there is Smithwicks.


Having my first French 75 at Galatoire’s in New Orleans when I was in my early 20’s. My friends and I had some drinks at the upstairs bar while waiting for our dinner reservation, and the delicious bubbly combo of gin and champagne cemented that gin was my favorite hard liquor—and still is! I maintain it’s the happiest spirit because it always puts me in a good mood. :grin:


Vinho Verde and Porto are delicious, and fortunately easy to find here in the States. I haven’t had any luck with Ginjinha/Ginja.


I didn’t discover either while traveling (although I do sample any local variations I find when I’m out and about), but I’m a big Scotch and Bourbon fan. My absolute favorite being peated Islay whiskeys. In particular Laphroaig. Something about drinked a peated whiskey just resonates with my soul.


I was one of the very few people who actively enjoyed drinking Fisk while studying abroad in Denmark! It’s a traditional liquor made from liquorish, menthol, and eucalyptus and is really refreshing. I will also always have a special place in my heart for their blackberry Somersby cider.

I also really loved tasting Black Balsam in Latvia, another very herbal drink that was traditionally used to cure stomach aches/hangovers. My favorite one is made with black currants!


@Ashley_Wolfgang You’d probably like Unicum then.



I’ll add rum punch in Turks and Caicos, pisco sours in Chile, Lillet and soda in France, and sbagliatos in Italy. All of these I’ve tried to order or make again upon returning home.

But, like @shatomica, my poison is gin.


Oh wow, thank you so much for sharing! Putting this on my “Want to Try” list!


+1 to this. And when you’re actually in Scotland, the drams you can get for about 3 pounds are heavenly.


I first had txakoli in San Sebastian, and still search it out when I can. Unfortunately, it’s expensive and not widely available in NY.


Thanks for the post tyler ,

Some awesome drinks you’ve mentioned , would love to try pisco sours and sbagliatos one day


Oh I love a dram , spent a bit of time with some family I have up in Edinburgh many years ago when I was much younger and it was a nightly ritual to sit in front of the fire and have a wee dram or two


Connemara Irish Whiskey in Galway; flavored Jenever in Antwerp.


Hmmmm Basque wine , really intriguing , I actually would love to fully explore the “Spanish” Basque country one day , so this wine will definitely make my list of “To drink”


It’s really beautiful. We drove to the northern coast from Bilbao, and made our way along it until San Sebastian. Great food and wine, and we liked the cider too (but I must say it’s on the swill-y end of the spectrum).


I’ll have some good ol’ water


Spoil sport , just joking. Oh well , fair enough , there are definitely merits to the teetotal life.