What's your secret, indispensable piece of travel gear?


Cargo pants. Seriously, especially when flying. Also, a Lifestraw is great in a pinch - if you run out of water on a hike it’s ok, you’re covered :wink:


Lifestraws are awesome! I totally agree


I am not an expert traveler (yet) and most of my tips might fall under how to travel with kids… but as they’ve grown so has our style of travel. Recently, my go bag has evolved to a few things that meets multiple needs.

  1. inflatable sleeping pads x2 (airport delay naps on the floor, comfort in van travel, to extra bed in hotel)
  2. old soft sheet (layers, bedding, cover surfaces)…cape😉
  3. portable phone charger
  4. Ziploc-type bags
  5. $5 gift card (I started bringing these last year- as a thank you to people who offered a kindness or an incentive to those that were hesitant to do so. Switching seats on an airplane to the hotel employee that finds your lost pillow…I like being able to offer or thank in a simple way.)

Ok, so these aren’t secret or indispensable. My ‘secret’ is that we wash clothes in the sink, make sandwiches from hotel breakfast food, and sometimes take on debt to travel when I know that’s a poor financial decision.


I love the idea of carrying gift cards for miscellaneous shows of gratitude! What a great suggestion!


When I used to travel on my much modified Honda 70 Cub, I had a small toolkit made up of an assortment of small and light tools. The best things were the combination of lighter and the flame-meltable solder combination for re-attaching electrical connectors that vibrated loose and, once, replacing the nipple on my clutch cable, plus a small electrical tester I made at college and used to sell to friends.


Absolutely the best travel accessory is safety pins and a couple of wooden clothespins. I never go anywhere without safety pins stashed away in every bag and wallet. Second is plastic storage bags like ziplock bags. Third is a roll of life savers or mints. I have saved numerous travelers from motion sickness with my roll of mints.


My Victorinox Swiss Army knife ( with wood blade ) Can’t leave home without it. Its guarenteed for life ( been rebuilt 3 times for $5 CND shipping ) But you cannot bring it on a plane. Like the tips’


I’ve got a “James Brand” pocket knife which I absolute adore.

For some reason a knife never really feels like one to me unless it has a decent sturdy wooden handle, I’m a bit of a traditionalist with my aesthetics as I hate the whole fully metal and plastic handles on knives and I despise the whole “tactical” / “ninja” look that seems to be in fashion when it comes to EDC nowadays .

I’m hoping to pass my knife and gear on to my future son / daughter as an heirloom when I shuffle off my mortal coil / return to Mictlan.


These little pouches are great for keeping a bag organized.


Vacuum storage bags (space savers) are everything! I’m a light packer but tend to mix biz travel with pleasure by extending the trips by a couple of days. Keeping work clothes and casual clothes in one small carry on can be challenging, specially in cold weather.

These little bags are amazing and come with a sugar light and small, nifty little hand pump.

I will forever be thankful to the my Morocco travel partner who introduced me to them.