What's your special something in Mojacar?

Hey everyone,

I’m going to Mojacar this summer and I am struggling to find that spark that makes Mojacar special, and not just another beachy vacation.

For those who have been to Mojacar, what are your favorite places?

Any secret beaches? Favorite locals restaurants? Best sunset spots?

Thanks in advance!

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This sounds like a beautiful trip! I’ve never been to Mojacar, but we have a bunch of interesting places in Southern Spain in the Atlas!

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s been there to!

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We have lived near Mojacar for the last 11 years and like most seaside resorts we tend to avoid in the summer as it is absolutely packed with tourists. There are so many places to eat but a few stand out. Al Punto Rodizio is a must if you are a meat eater. It’s owned by a lovely couple, Paula and Luciano, and they do an “all you can eat” meat feast from the BBQ with cuts of chicken, gammon, pork, chorizo, steak,it just keeps coming till you tell them to stop! Also very good is Bella Vista, a family run restaurant with lovely staff and delicious food. If you are in Mojacar for the Moors and Christians festival you are in for a treat, try not to miss it!

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Karen, thanks for the must have restaurants! Any preferred cafes?

I’m going to Spain for a wedding so our date is not flexible and we will be there in September, tourists and all.

I will keep the festival in mind for future Spain adventures!

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