Wheelchair Accessible Destinations?

Hi, I love to visit places of historical, cultural and artistic interest. I’m also into the weird and spooky. I’m a wheelchair user who doesn’t drive and usually gets to places by train.

Can you give me some ideas of places to visit in the South of England, that are mostly or wholly wheelchair accessible, and can be easily reached by train? I’m unlikely to able to get to anywhere that’s in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve been to Stonehenge, Bath, Winchester etc, but am looking for something a bit more, well, obscure!


Hi - while not in a wheelchair, I have a mobility challenge and have spent a lot of time in Southern England (lived in both St Leonards on Sea (near Hastings) and Torquay). Will give it some thought and get back to you!
~ Bella


Thanks ever so much, Bella. I’m not familiar with Hastings or Torquay, so any travel tips on those places would be gratefully received! Happy travelling!

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