"When the Government Banned PBR, Pabst Made Cheese Instead" Discussion Thread

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Question for the author: Cheese is fermented as is beer; was there a “natural” link in the PBR company between these products? Interested for research purposes. Thanks

As a point of information, I listen to Old Time Radio which often airs the original commercials. The Kraft Cheese Company definitely advertised Pabst-ett “cheese food” during the mid-1940’s on the “Great Gildersleeve” radio show as they were a main sponsor. I have assumed up to now that it was a forerunner of Velveeta “cheese food” since they talk about pasteurized process cheese, and there were no Velveeta ads at the time. It was fun to learn the origin of this cheese!

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With all the benevolent “we’re all in this together” feeling around the world right now, I have to speculate that Kraft granted Pabst a free license to make the cheese-like product so they could help their neighbor in nearby Milwaukee to survive until Prohibition was lifted.

“Pabst-ett” was DEFINITELY around after 1933; it was a radio show sponsor, though I forget which one. I like to listen to old radio, occasionally, and have heard their ads MANY times.
I am almost positive that these were wartime ads.