Where in the Atlas Is Our Community Editor?

Attention Atlas sleuths! I’m very excited to invite you to the first edition of a new game that I’m calling, Where in the Atlas Is Our Community Editor? In the spirit of such trailblazing media as Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego, Where’s Wally? (Where’s Waldo? for us Yanks), and The Hunger Games, I’ve added a picture to one of the 17,000+ place pages in the Atlas Obscura database, and I want you to find it! I look like this:

The rules will work as follows: I’ll post one riddle or puzzle or image each day this week. The solution of each one will be related to the place I’m hiding. However none of them will ever directly identify the place, so you’ll have to do a little searching to find the right page. The first person to post a link to the correct Place page in this thread will win an Atlas Obscura book and pin!

A few things to keep in mind: while many of the puzzles will be pretty easy, please refrain from just posting the solution so that others can parse them out on their own. That being said, feel free to discuss the puzzles below if you’re having difficulty. Also, this is our first time trying this sort of game, so if it’s too easy and solved in 15 minutes, or too difficult, or any other mechanical hiccups occur, please bear with me while I calibrate it for maximum fun.

As a bonus for this first edition of the game, I’d also like to hear your ideas for what to call it. Where in the Atlas Is Our Community Editor? just doesn’t have the same power as a “Carmen Sandiego.” Wonder Hunt? Lost In the Atlas? Post your ideas for what to call this game in the thread and if I pick yours, I’ll send you an Atlas Obscura book as well!

Alright! I’m somewhere in the Atlas and it’s time to find me. Check out the first clue below, and may your hunt be fair and prosperous!


Clue #1

Historically, this term only refers specifically to craftspeople who work with iron and steel.

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Maybe we could call it, “It’s An Obscure, Obscure, Obscure, Obscure Atlas” (IAOOOOA?)
Maybe not, but someone needs to shop Eric’s face onto Jonathan “The Big W” Winters’ body in this still from the classic caper film.



Ooo! That film reference gave me an idea. How 'bout, “The Weekly MacGuffin”? I think finding Eric’s photo might just be a fun excuse to go traipsing around the Atlas for a few more hours than usual.

OOOO, The Weekly MacGuffin is good!

Here you go.

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Nice legs but they arent in the picture at the ai-pioppi-playground


AAAAAAND you got it. Damn, that was fast! @KenJ I’ll DM about sending you a book, but for everyone else, keep suggesting names for the game, and we’ll try another round soon!


I guess something following “At Large” would blend well with At-las, maybe Editor At Large or At Large Obscuranaut? Cool! I get a book :slight_smile: Not the AO towel I have been hoping for but I like books a lot. Cheers

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Nice one Kenj ! that was incredibly fast

But out of curiosity , how did you work this out though ? :thinking: I mean how did you manage to find it out of all the blacksmith locations ? I was really stuck on this one.

Just wondering, are certain parts of the world barred from participating? (not like I stand a chance but still) I ask cause online contests tend to have eligibility requirements, including place of residence.

Man I just went with the clue and dug in. My browser history now looks like an explosion of Atlas Obscura happened today. Probably the only reason I got it quickly was that I took a break not too long after he posted this. Fun game though, I hope everyone goes to that page and checks out Eric’s pic. The connection to the clue is pretty obtuse. Now I want to visit that place… if only.

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Unfortunately the pic is already gone, but getting people to search through the Atlas was one of the goals of the game, so that part worked!

If I may, otherwise delete this post.

Right now this is pretty informal, so currently, it’s open to everyone we can send a package to. However this edition has also been solved.

Can we play “guess what the tattoo is”?


Sure, but there’s no prize.

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Some type of stone relic is my guess, like you might find at Machu Picchu or on Easter Island.

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