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Did you miss anything?!! Probably THE most important relic, St Valentines heart! It’s in an amazing metal heart shaped locked box in Dublin Ireland.


The Basilika Minor in Kiedrich Germany has a piece of St. Valentine’s skull as an icon. The French monks brought it with them when establishing Kloster Eberbach. since St. Valentine is the Patron Saint of falling diseases many Germans came to Kiedrich to find and pray to the icon. Since the monks were in the business of making wine and not handling pilgrims they gave the icon to the small village of Kiedrich. There’s more to this, but I’ve seen the icon, and I live in the village.

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Italians generally acknowledge San Valentino di Terni as the “true” St. Valentine.

Photograph taken by me in Basilica di San Valentino in Terni (2017)


Correct! How did it end up here though?..