Where to stay in Hanoi


I am planning to visit Vietnam. Do you know any good place to stay?

I had a great time staying in AirBnBs in Hanoi! I stayed in one high-rise with a pool overlooking the city, which was very nice to have, although the apartment felt like it could have been anywhere. If you want something more soulful, look for an apartment in the city center built around a common courtyard. I rented a room in an apartment like this, where all the neighbors kept their motorbikes in the courtyard. In the mornings, I watched them scooter off as I ate fruit on the balcony.

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In Hanoi, you should stay in Old Quater

Hello, I’m just staying in Vietnam Cheers Hostel in the old Quarter and I highly recommend it to lowcost travellers. It’s a very nice and clean small hostel, approximately $4 a night with free breakfast (and beers). Very nice staff, perfect location just around the corner to the famous beer street.