Where to stay in NYC?

I’m planning a trip to NYC for about a week in May, and wondering what part of the city would the best place to stay (probably via airbnb)! I’m looking to stay on the cheap side but also be reasonably close to cool art-related things to see and do like museums, etc.
Any other recommendations for things to do would be welcome too :slight_smile:

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Hey there! So the good news is, due to the trains, you should be able to stay pretty much anywhere in Manhattan, or northern Brooklyn/Queens and still be able to access things. I would say take a look at the location of the airbnb and it’s proximity to a train, and make your choice that way. I think it would probably be fun to stay in Astoria, West Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen, or Bushwick, but those are just neighborhoods near food I love.

If you do end up interested in a hotel, I’ve been itching to stay a night in the Library Hotel, so maybe you can do it on my behalf!


Seconding the Library Hotel (or at least the desire to spend the night there)!

When we had an Atlas Obscura trip to NYC, we recommended guests stay at the Freehand in Flatiron. There are also a few less expensive hotels in Long Island City, like The Paper Hotel, which are close to Midtown Manhattan (aka museum central!) but a little outside of the city. Museum Mile is located on the Upper East Side, which can be tricky to get to depending on where you’re staying - if you’re looking for a cheap AirBnb near there, though, East Harlem might do it for you!

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Also, there is an app called Hotel Tonight and if you use it, you can get to stay in really great places for around $100 a night. What are the things you want to do at night? Food? Bars? Clubs? That’s how I’d figure out where to stay-- the last thing I’d want to do after a night out is an hour home on the subway. Also, check out our citibikes – it’s a great way to see the city and get from place to place. I don’t think you’ll find that staying near museum mile will be too cheap, though. Maybe check out something on the same subway line! Also, walking the galleries in Chelsea is free! Don’t be afraid to go into the buildings and go upstairs – many galleries are on the 3rd, 4th, etc floors of the building – they still welcome visitors.


As a decades long resident I’m partial to Chelsea’s convenience. Quick subway rides uptown for museums or walk down to the village. Totally agree with @nancyc212 regarding Chelsea’s galleries. The well known ones can be intimidating, but just walk in and definitely head upstairs in many of the buildings and you’ll go home with an interesting story. It may just be one person in a 6 foot square room with a single sculpture, but worth it for the atmosphere.

You’ll also be able to walk to and through the newest NYC centerpiece Vessel. It opens this spring and it’s worth seeing even if you can’t get tickets to go inside.



OOOH Have you been in Vessel? I have so many questions.

I didn’t realize it was going to be a tickets kinda thing. I thought it would just be like the highline – open all the time and totally packed unless you go early in the morning (which I’m ok with). I’m disappointed that it’s going to be tickets. Will they be timed? I looked on the website, but gives very little info.


Hi Nancy - I signed up early for tickets and received and email a few days ago with the link below. I think it may work for you too. It couldn’t hurt to try and the tickets were free. I haven’t been yet, but have been eagerly watching the construction. I find the perception of the scale of it fascinating. If you try looking from distance from the High Line vs up close it’s trippy.

The ticket thing may just be to control the initial crowds, but it may also be a way to gather names so they can pitch you apartments in Hudson Yards. :slight_smile:
Sadly they are one hour timed tickets but again I’m hoping that’s just the initial crowd control.

Try this: (Promo Code PublicVessel



I’ve been watching it, too. Thank you so much for this! It worked and I got tickets for a Sunday afternoon, though, I also want to get evening tickets, but I won’t be greedy!! Really, thanks so much!


You’re very welcome. I got tix for April. Very exciting! Let us know what you think.

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Also note that the L train is struggling these days – undergoing a lot of maintenance – so if you’re planning to stay in north Brooklyn it might be a hindrance to getting around. Keep an eye on https://isthelrunning.com/ for updates.

I heard Manhattan is the new Brooklyn. :grin:


If you are planning to do a lot of touring (vs. hanging in the hotel or hood) then look into Jersey City and Hoboken near PATH train stations. They bring you into NYC (Wall St., Greenwich Village, and Herald Square) really quickly and safely (10-20 minutes). You can also use a MetroCard for both PATH and NYC subways for about $6/pp each way combined. Here’s a simple list of places to visit – NYC like a boss

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