Where to travel in 2021?

Like so many, I’m trying to plan for travel in 2021. I’m restricted to the US, and it’s not clear that things will improve until well into 2021, if then. So, where to go in the US to see obscure places and/or events? I’ve traveled in every state except Vermont, Rhode Island and Oregon, but know I’ve missed a lot. Ideas welcome!


Vermont: Shelburne Museum a very unusual museum, Buttermilk Falls a Rockwell type experience, Bellows Falls’ tectonic plate between Vermont and New Hampshire, and Quechee Gorge.

I don’t know how much you’ve seen in New Jersey, but it has an amazingly large number of interesting places and things to see. I recommend particularly Batsto Village (buildings, crafts, information, and experiences from the Revolutionary War to Victorian times), St. Vladimir’s Church (tiny, beautiful Russian Orthodox church) in Jackson Township, the Pine Barrens (but watch out for the Jersey Devil), cranberry bogs (I gathered my own cranberries for cranberry sauce one year!), and cedar swamps (but don’t swim in them after a rain, or you’ll come out looking like a shaggy swamp monster).

I had plans, back in '19. I was going to get my green card application in, along with the work permit and parole for international travel. I was going to go to California in July 2020, to a friend’s wedding. After that I was going to start working on my stamina, to walk the Way of St. James in 2021, from Barcelona.

Thanks for nothing, COVID.

Now… well, I finally have enough to get the green card thing going. I’m also starting the whole hiking thing over; I may not make the 2021 Año Santo, but that’s minor. 2022 may be a better option anyway.

Rhode Island… let’s see (but don’t blink or you’ll miss it)… the smallest state with the longest name has much history and beauty, even besides the seashore.

One must-see/do is “Waterfire” in downtown Providence, as long as it’s not hampered by covid this summer. It’s been popular since its inception, and with good reason. One can take it in as a family, or all by oneself. It can be crowded, though, so if walking among tons of people isn’t your thing, you might be better off elsewhere. Otherwise, enjoy a night - it doesn’t rev up until after sundown - of romantic sights and sounds along the river.

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In Oregon, Astoria is pretty nice and interesting town. Going east up the Columbia River through the Gorge is very pretty. The Bonneville fish hatcheries and dam is interesting. Though dam tours are probably suspended.
The Dalles is interesting from a historical perspective due to Oregon Trail.
I keep on meaning to see the Stonehenge and Maryhill, Washington, but have yet to do it

Thanks! We are still trying to decide if we can go ANYWHERE in 2021 until vaccines are common across the country. Paying money to sit in the camper or car is not worth it. We may stay local and save our money for 2022.


Honestly, I don’t blame you for staying put

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I’m obviously biased, but I want to put in my word for Arizona. It has something for everyone with a very diverse landscape. It also helps that a lot of attractions are naturally distant that don’t need or have large crowds

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Try Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Check out this video recently published
on YouTube and see what I mean: https://youtu.be/Opitp1tJ9d4