Which one is your favourite: London or Paris?

Hey obscurians Got a question London or Paris give your reasons down below in the replies hope this sparks discussion :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • London :city_sunset:
  • Paris :foggy:

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Paris is home to the Archives of Foreign Affairs and given that my husband is a historian, Paris was home to us for two years: two years of blissful living, albeit with hard work in the archives, but blissful nonetheless. We lived in an apartment part of a seventeenth century home. Our landlady and landlord, lived above us and were absolutely delightful going out of their way to make us happy. I was honored to be of help at a charity pantry ran by her church. This was a real learning experience. French people are delightful and helpful if you remember to greet store keepers before getting down to business. We had heard that the French were rude and this is not true. Most tourists only deal with restaurant or hotel workers who being mostly foreign do not represent France. By all means, Paris is a beautiful and lovely place where to hang your hat!


Yes I find Paris has more charm than London as it is more relaxed and is less business centered than London I find it a brilliant place with community at its :heartbeat:

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It really depends in what sense you mean (Museums , galleries , botanical gardens , bookshops , ambience , culinary , cultural etc).

I know both cities well (Although I’m much more familiar with London) as my brother lived for quite a while in Paris.

Out of the two I guess in most cases I would almost always prefer to be strolling around the Avenue des Champs-Élysées than Picadilly or Oxford street. Sure, London has its charms but in my opinion I find it to be a really gritty , ugly, and dirty city and I just find Paris to be more aesthetically beautiful, cultural and interesting.

But both of these cities truly suck in how expensive they are in terms of visiting or living costs.




French including Parisiens are rude, I am talking about ordinary people not historians etc, you can see on puplic transport. Try one of the puplic transport not only in Paris try in Lyon or Nice you can not see the mob anywhere else except France.

I think they can be in certain contexts like when English speakers insist on communicating in English rather than French. But then I totally understand why they find it annoying and to be fair if a french speaker came to an anglophone country with the same expectations would your average Brit / American / Ozzy react any differently ?

Also , I think some of it is a reaction to the sort of cultural dominance of Anglo soft power cultural exports which creates a backlash. But again I understand why there might be some bad feeling because the French want to hold onto their cultural values and not have them eroded. But there is a fine line between that and actual xenophobia.

What I personally find more troubling is the casual racism that is entrenched in a lot of parts of France towards Arabs , North and Central Africans and people from Indochina. A good friend of mine who lives there and is of Algerian descent has been subjected to those kind of attitudes all the time and the irony is that she is a huge supporter of secular values and integration, so its totally absurd that she is treated like that.

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I think this is really a matter of what one enjoys.

I think London has more new that is impressive in terms of modernism. Paris has more in the classical since.

You can not really compare in general. Like is the Swiss Alps better than the French Alps? The Italian Alps? Or the Austria ones? Or I live in Budapest which i hear all the time people say is “beautiful” and “fun”. I find Budapest quite bland and very dull both in buildings and architecture , and also in events, social things to do. Far from “beautiful”!


Totally agree about London being more modernist and Paris more classical. You’ve hit the nail on the head with it being an aesthetic subjective preference.

Ultimately I guess I prefer the more classical architectural look of Paris though.