White Water Tavern

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My Husband Jack Ziegler and I, Becky Ziegler had the privilege Bartending during the 80’and 90’s. Larry Garrison ( Goose ) a Very Good Friend, owned it ! We had some of the Best Bands come through during our time. The Blues Patrol always packed the bar. Wendy Austin and the Hot House Tomato Boys, the party would be on ! The Cate Brothers , The Famous unknowns ! The nicest , Talented and Proud to call him our Good Friend, Burger. A lot of Hearts of Friends were broken when he passed away. I loved getting on Stage and singing with him ! Broken Hearts from loosing members of The Blues Patrol. Then loosing Goose was like and era gone by. Those were the White Waters Glory Days ! Three deep standing at the Bar, and every table taken. Awesome food from the Kitchen from 10 am until 2 am. We were a Family and worked that Place as smooth as butter ! By the time we got folks out and cleaning along with restocking for the next morning, we were some wore out folks ! Walk out about 3:30 am, unless we sat a the Bar and had a few beverages yourself on that Awesome Shuffleboard Bar ! A Great time was had at The White Water Tavern :v::beers::hamburger::notes::musical_keyboard::guitar::microphone::musical_score:15729814944231221248513144910635|375x500