Who Are the Most Atlasy People in London?

Hi there Atlas Obscura readers! We’re working on a project set in London right now, and we’d love your advice: Who should we meet when we’re in town? We’re looking for the most fascinating, amazing, London-based individuals who share our lens on the world—and if they are not already well-known outside of London, all the better. It could be the person behind a singular passion project that you admire. It could be an incredibly well-informed curator, collector, researcher, or scientist who’s working on something distinctive or unusual. It could be someone who has an extraordinary commitment to preserving some neglected piece of London’s history. Or it could be someone we can’t even imagine exists! If someone like this occurs to you, please share your suggestion in the comments. And thank you!

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These would be great additions to your roster:



Try the gentleman who runs this site - he knows a lot about London history. http://www.ghostsigns.co.uk/

Jem Finer: Longplayer

You could try asking the people who curated the current exhibition about maps at the Bodleian Library in Oxford? Their names are on the Bodleian webpage about the exhibition. No, Oxford isn’t in London, but they could be a great source of info for you.