"Why Newfoundland Is Turning Its Moose Into Bologna" Discussion Thread

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The City of Denver is doing something similiar. The winter Canadian Goose population is beyond control. At parks and golf courses, it’s hard to take a step without taking it home with you!
To combat the problem, they are feeding the homeless with the fowl that forgets to fly south for the winter!
The hungry appreciate it, but some residents hate the thought of killing anything, for any reason.


I was raised in a family of hunters who always ate their game. I ate and enjoyed it and cooked it myself. This is really a wonderful thing for the residents, homeless and those who have a small income. I just imagine the most will truly enjoy it also!


Humph. There are flocks of Canada geese everywhere now, I think; there’s certainly at least one large flock in Nashville that I know of, and at least three here in Memphis. Would that we were eating them! I’ve heard some bitter stories from Canadians about the effects of Canada geese on Canadian farmland, and I’d be surprised if they weren’t having some (negative) effect down here as well. They seem to like the American South; they certainly never go “home” to Canada.

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I can’t bring myself to eat moose, but I understand the need for the population control.

They do this on the Point Reyes peninsula in California. Apparently there are three species of deer and two of them are considered invasive, so hunters are paid and the meat goes to soup kitchens in San Francisco. I don’t know if it’s still the same. My memory of this is from visiting there over 15 years ago and meeting one of the hunters.